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As banks find their margins squeezed on traditional lending and payments activities, nonbank credit and financing—supported by technological innovation—is growing exponentially.


Special Report | The Digital Bank
Banks are using new technologies to help corporate clients make better financial decisions.

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 The World's Best Banks of 2015 - Announcement

The World's Best Banks of 2015 - Announcement

Andrea Fiano (Editor) & Denise Bedell (Managing Editor) of Global Finance announce The World's Best Banks of 2015, who the new & returning winners are, and our methodology. 

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Cost of Living Worldwide

Cost of Living Worldwide

The OECD defines a cost of living index (COLI) as an index that measures the change in the minimum expenditures that would be incurred by a utility-maximizing consumer, whose preferences or tastes remain unchanged, in order to maintaining a given level of utility (or standard of living or welfare).

The Poorest Countries in the World

There are two standard methods of measuring the wealth of countries and how rich or poor its inhabitants are. The measure most often used is Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which represents the size of a country’s economy. A refinement of ...

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U.S. Treasury Secretary Warns Greece Over Bailout Talks

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew warned on Friday that Greece's new government is running out time to reach an emergency financing agreement. "We urge the authorities to quickly and fully commit to technical negotiations with their international partners," Mr. Lew ...

France Fin Min Would Like to See Euro Stabilize

WASHINGTON--The euro's weakening phase has run its course and Europeans would be courting danger if they gave the impression they wanted it to weaken further, French Finance Minister Michel Sapin said on Friday. "The objective today is stability," Mr. Sapin ...