Global Finance includes these regular departments:

Editor’s letter: A provocative take on the global financial scene

Newsmakers: Updates on the personalities moving international finance

Milestones: Briefs on important financial events of the past month

Emerging markets: The latest from Brazil, Russia, India, China, the Middle East, and Africa

Global salon: Global Finance sits down each month with a special guest to discuss macro and market-specific developments.

Every issue closes with an extensive Corporate Financing News (CFN) section.

CFN is devoted to current reports from around the world on:

• Foreign exchange
• Corporate debt
• Global equity and depositary receipts
• Mergers and acquisitions

Each month, one of these topics is the focus of CFN
Month Monthly Features Special Reports & Distribution


Foreign Exchange Awards and Report

Corporate Finance News Focus:
Mergers & Acquisitions
Regional Focus: Emerging Asia - Cambodia, Thailand

and Vietnam
Regional Report: Sub-Saharan Africa

Country Report: Kuwait

Country Report: Russia

Frontier Markets Focus: Ukraine

Risk Management: Global Crisis Management


Treasury & Cash Management

Conducted: November 2013 in New York, New York

Published: January 2014 issue


Trade Finance Awards and Report

Corporate Finance News Focus:
Corporate Debt
Equity Derivatives
Country Report: Saudi Arabia
Treasury & Cash Management: SEPA
Frontier Markets Focus: Zambia
Risk Management: Trade Credit Insurance


Treasury & Cash Management Awards and Report

Corporate Finance News Focus:
Global Equity and Depositary Receipts
Middle East Investment Banking
Foreign Exchange: Key Innovators
Regional Report: Latin America – Brazil and Mexico
Regional Report: Caucuses

Country Report: Angola
Country Report: China

Liquidity: Improving Yield and Efficiency With New

Account Structures
Frontier Markets Focus: Vietnam
Risk Management: Cyberrisk


• Trade Finance

Conducted January 2014 in London, UK

Published: March 2014 issue

Bonus Distribution:

• Inter-American Development Bank Meeting, Bahia, Brazil

March 27 - 30


Investment Bank Awards and Report

Corporate Finance News Focus:
Foreign Exchange
Safest Banks Update

Treasury Technology

Regional Report: Asia/Central Asia -

Country Report: Malaysia

Country Report: Taiwan

Pensions & Benefits Management

Frontier Markets Focus
Risk Management: Global Property & Casualty


• Taiwan Offshore RMB Center

Conducted: February, 2014 in Taiwan

Published: April 2014 issue

• Cash Management - Asia

Conducted: February 2014 in Singapore

Published: April 2014 issue

Bonus Distribution:

• Asian Development Bank Meetings, Astana, KZ, May 2 - 5


• Inside Asian Development Bank Meetings


• Middle East Supplement and eBook


Best Banks Awards and Report –
Emerging Markets & Developed Markets

Corporate Finance News Focus:
Mergers & Acquisitions
Internationalization of Renminbi

Innovation in Banking: Crowdsourcing &

Social Media
Regional Report: Africa - Rwanda and Ghana
Regional Report: CCE - Poland

Country Report: Turkey
Bank Relationship Management

Renminbi Trade

Frontier Markets Focus: Kazakhstan
Risk Management: Emerging Markets Risk


• Treasury & Cash Management

Conducted: March 2014 in London, UK

Published: May 2014 issue

Bonus Distributions:

• EBRD, Warsaw, Poland, May 16 - 17

• African Development Bank Meeting, Kigali, Rwandi

May 19 - 23


• Inside EBRD Meeting

• Inside African Development Bank Meeting


Islamic Finance Awards and Report

Corporate Finance News Focus:

Corporate Debt
Latin America Investment Banking
Professional Services: Advisory
Country Report: Icelance
Counterparty Risk: New Benchmarks

CDS vs. Trust Indices

Frontier Markets Focus: Mozambique
Risk Management: Environmental Risk


• Subcustody

Conducted: April 2014 in London, UK

Published: June 2014 issue

Bonus Distribution:

• NeMA- Location & Date TBD


• Technology & Treasury Management - Key Innovators

Supplement, eBook and Mobile App

Buyer's Guide:

• Custody & Investors' Services Buyer's Guide


Supply Chain Finance Awards and Report
Subcustody Awards and Report

Corporate Finance News Focus:
Global Equity and Depositary Receipts

SIBOS Super Section
Private Banking & Wealth Management
Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Report

SME Banking


Enterprise Software

China International Payment Platform

Regional Focus: Emerging Asia -

Indonesia and Thailand

Country Report: Portugal
Country Report: Nigeria
Frontier Markets Focus: Slovakia
Risk Management: Supply Chain Risk


• Middle East Transaction Banking

Conductged: May 2014 in Dubai, UAE

Published: July/August 2014 issue

Bonus Distribution:

• SIBOS, Boston, MA USA September 29 - October 31


• Inside SIBOS (publishing in September)


Internet Bank Awards Round 1

Corporate Finance News Focus:

Foreign Exchange

Professional Services: Tax

CEE Investment Banking

Country Report: Egypt
Country Report: Mexico
Frontier Markets Focus: Morroco
Risk Management: Executive Liability/D&O Insurance

Bonus Distribution:

• EuroFinance, Budapest, Hungary, October 29 - 31

• AFP, Washington, DC, November 2 - 5


• Inside SIBOS


• Treasury Cash Management Supplement, eBook and Mobile App


Global Banks/Central Banker Report Cards

Corporate Finance News Focus

Mergers & Acquisitions
IMF-World Bank Meetings/Global Banks
Special Issue/Online Microsite

Shariah Compliant Trade Finance

Country Report: Turkey

Treasury & Cash Management: Global Payments

Supply Chain Finance: Programme Funding

Frontier Markets Focus: Sri Lanka

Risk Management: Political Risk

Bonus Distribution:

• IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings, Washington, DC, October 10 - 12

• Inside IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings

• Inside EuroFinance Meetings


• Africa Supplement, eBook and Mobile App


Safest Banks

Stars of China Report & Awards

Banking Technology Awards

Corporate Finance News Focus:

Corporate Debt
Global Islamic Finance
Professional Services: Transactions

Innovation in Banking: Big Data

Regional Report: Latin America
Regional Focus: The Levant -

Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan
Country Report: Philippines

Treasury & Cash Management:

Treasury Outsourcing
Frontier Markets Focus: Romania
Risk Management: Global Claims Management

Bonus Distributions:

• FELABAN Annual Assembly, Medellin, Columbia, November 11 - 15

• World Islamic Banking Conference, Manama, Bahrain

Location & Date TBD


• Inside FELABAN Meeting

Inside AFP Meeting


• Foreign Exchange Supplement, eBook and Mobile App


Risk Management Awards Including Insurance and


Internet Bank Awards – Round 2

Corporate Finance News Focus:

Global Equity and Depositary Receipts

Emerging Markets Special Issue -
Africa, Asia, Emerging Europe, Latine America, Middle East

Safest Emerging Markets Banks Ranking
Biggest Emerging Markets Banks Ranking
Trade Finance in Emerging Markets

Country Report: Qatar
Global Transaction Services: 2015 Preview
Frontier Markets Focus: Pakistan


• Turkey

Conducted: September 2014, Istanbul, Turkey

Published: December 2014 issue

NOTE: All planned articles are subject to change. Check with your Global Finance salesperson.

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