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    the global financial scene
  • Newsmakers: Updates on the personalities moving international finance
  • Milestones: A deep-dive analysis of important financial events of the past month

Devoted to forward-looking reports from
around the world on:
  • Raising capital
  • New players and new solutions
  • Analysis of trends
  • Management and accounting issues





 On Sale/Mail  Date: 31  December
 Ad Close:
 5 December 

 Materials Due:
15 December

Foreign Exchange Awards

  • Transaction Banking 2016
  • Asset Management for Corporates
  • Ones to Watch
  • Country Report: Czech Republic
  • Country Report: Iran
  • Country Report: Kuwait
  • Frontier Markets Report: Bulgaria

Bonus Distribution

  • BAFT Global Annual Meeting, Paris, 18-20 January


 On Sale/Mail
 Date: 2 February
 Ad Close:
 5 January
 Materials Due:
15 January

Trade & Supply Chain Finance
Providers Awards

  • The Innovators in Islamic Finance
  • US Regional Banks
  • Global Property & Casualty Insurance
  • FDI Report: Ontario
  • Country Report: Bahrain
  • Country Report: China
  • Country Report: Italy
  • Country Report: Mozambique
  • Country Report: Saudi Arabia
  • Frontier Markets Report: Trinidad & Tobago


On Sale/Mail  Date: 2 March

 Ad Close: 
 5 February

 Materials Due:
 12 February

Treasury & Cash Management Awards

  • Middle East Investment Banking
  • Regional Report: The Caribbean
  • Regional Report: The Caucasus
  • Regional Report: Latin America
  • Country Report: Angola
  • Country Report: Cyprus
  • Country Report: South Korea
  • Frontier Markets Report: Ghana

Bonus Distribution

  • Inter-American Development Bank Meeting, Nassau, Bahamas, 7-10 April


 On Sale/Mail  Date: 1 April

 Ad Close: 4 March

 Materials Due:
 11 March

Best Investment Banks
& Derivatives Providers Awards

  • ASEAN-EU Trade Corridor
  • Regional Treasury Center: Asia
  • Asset Management for Corporates
  • The Digital Bank
  • Country Report: Taiwan
  • Frontier Markets Report: Djibouti

Bonus Distribution

  • Asian Development Bank Meetings, Frankfurt, 2-5 May


  • Inside Asian Development Bank Meetings
  • Inside Inter-American Development Bank Meeting


  • Renminbi
    Conducted: February 2016 in London Published: April 2016 Issue


  • Middle East Supplement and eBook Featuring:
    Who’s Who in Middle Eastern Finance


 On Sale/Mail  Date: 2 May

 Ad Close: 4 April

 Materials Due:
 15 April

World’s Best Banks Awards –
Emerging Markets and Developed Markets

  • Treasury & Cash Management
  • The Innovators in Trade Finance
  • Regional Report: Africa
  • Regional Report: The Balkans
  • Country Report: Indonesia
  • Country Report: Turkey
  • Frontier Markets Report: Zambia

Bonus Distribution

  • EBRD, Sarajevo, Serbia
  • World Islamic Economic Forum, Indonesia
  • African Development Bank Meeting, Lusaka,
  • Zambia, 23-27 May
  • ACT Conference, Liverpool, 18-20 May


  • Inside EBRD Meeting
  • Inside African Development Bank Meeting


 On Sale/Mail
 Date: 1 June

 Ad Close: 5 May

 Materials Due:
 13 May

Islamic Finance Awards

  • Private Banking
  • The Innovators in Transaction Services
  •  KYC and Banking Systems,
  • Captive Risk Systems
  • Equity Derivatives
  • Country Report: Brazil
  • Country Report: Ethiopia
  • Country Report: Spain
  • Frontier Markets Report: Bangladesh


  • Subcustody
    Conducted: April 2016 in London
    Published: June 2016 Issue

Bonus Distribution

  • NeMa, Dubrivnik, Croatia, 14-16 June

​Buyer’s Guide

  • Custody and Investors’ Services Buyer’s Guide


 On Sale/Mail  Date: 1 July

 Ad Close: 
 5 June

 Materials Due: 
 15 June

Global Awards:
 Best Corporate Bank
 Best Consumer Bank

Best Securities Services Providers

  • SIBOS Supersection
  • The Innovators in Investment Banking
  • Regional Report: Asia
  • Regional Report: GCC
  • Country Report: Nigeria
  • Country Report: Portugal
  • Frontier Markets Report: Botswana


  • Asia Transaction Banking Conducted: May 2015 in Singapore Published: July/August 2015 Issue
  • Trade Finance
    Conducted: May 2015 in Miami Published: July/August 2015 Issue

Bonus Distribution

  • SIBOS, Geneva, 26-29 September


 On Sale/Mail  Date:
 1 September

 Ad Close: 
 5 August

 Materials Due:
 12 August

Digital Bank Awards – Round 1
Digital Banking Innovation Report
- Including Interviews with Digital Banking Heads

  • Corporate Finance Focus - CFO and Treasurer Briefing
  • Regional Report: Central & Eastern Europe
  • Country Report: Egypt
  • Country Report: Spain
  • Country Report: The Philippines
  • Frontier Markets Report: Cuba

Bonus Distribution

  • EuroFinance, Vienna, 12-14 October
  • Global Finance Digital Bank Conference, London, 18 October


  • Inside SIBOS


  • Treasury and Cash Management Supplement Featuring: Who’s Who in Treasury and Cash Management


 On Sale/Mail  Date:
 1 October

 Ad Close:
 2 September

 Materials Due:
 15 September

IMF-World Bank Meetings Special Issue

Best Global Banks:
Developed, Emerging & Frontier Markets

2016 Best Banks Review

Central Banker Report Cards

  • Corporate Finance Focus - CFO and Treasurer Briefing
  • Digital Banking Innovation in Turkey
  • Regional Report: Latin America
    (with Argentina spotlight)
  • Country Report: India
  • Country Report: South Korea
  • Frontier Markets Report: Bahamas

Bonus Distribution

  • IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings, Washington, DC, 7-9 October
  • FELABAN Annual Assembly, Buenos Aires, 5-8 November
  • Global Finance Digital Bank Conference, London


  • Inside IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings


  • Africa Supplement
    Who’s Who in African Finance


 On Sale/Mail 
 2 November

 Ad Close: 
 5 October

 Materials Due:
 14 October

Stars of China Report & Awards

World’s Safest Banks – Special Issue

World’s 50 Safest Banks 2016
Safest Banks by Country and Region

  • Foreign Exchange
  • Corporate Finance Focus - CFO and Treasurer Briefing
  • Regional Report: The Levant
  • Frontier Markets Report: Croatia


  • Inside FELABAN meeting

Buyer’s Guide

  • Securities Services providers Buyer’s Guide


 On Sale/Mail
 1 December

 Ad Close:  4 November

 Materials Due:
 11 November

Best Private Bank Awards
Digital Bank Awards – Regional & Global Winners

  • Emerging Markets FDI Report
  • Global Finance Digital Bank Conference Review
  • Corporate Finance Focus - CFO and Treasurer Briefing
  • Country Report: Cyprus
  • Country Report: Israel
  • Country Report: Qatar
  • Frontier Markets Report: Tunisia


  • Turkey
    Conducted: October 2016 in Washington, DC during the IMF/World Bank Annual Meeting
    Published: December 2016 issue
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