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Since 1987 Global Finance magazine has been a reliable source of news and analysis for the most important financial people in the world. With a circulation of 50,000 and more than 180,000 readers in 163 countries, Global Finance provides a unique way to reach virtually all the chairmen, presidents, CEOs, CFOs, treasurers and other top financial officers at the world's largest companies and financial institutions.

Global Finance regularly selects the top performers among banks and other providers of financial services. These awards have become a trusted standard of excellence for the global financial community.

Independent research has constantly shown that Global Finance, when compared to all major business publications, is the most effective way to reach the people controlling the finances, strategies and major purchases of the world's most important companies.


Global Finance magazine offers marketers a range of tools to connect with top decision makers. These include display advertising, sponsored roundtables, sponsored statements, sponsored maps and award sponsorship.

The website, relaunched in 2009, targets an audience of top financial web-users that complements the reach of the magazine. offers analysis, articles and awards that are the heritage of 22 years of experience in international finance and provides a valuable source of data on 192 countries.

The reliability of Global Finance in reaching the most important financial people in the world is confirmed by its continued use by marketers. In 2008 advertisers from more than 60 countries chose Global Finance as a marketing partner, and, in spite of the global recession, the magazine had a record advertising year.


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Katharine Frey, Marketing Manager, Special Projects/Events


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Katharine Frey, Marketing Manager, Special Projects/Events


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Richard Scholtz, Managing Director, Europe and Asia
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