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CUSTODY ASSETS: 2012: $7,291 billion150-1-Features 70-Custody-Buyers-Guide


RATINGS: Moody’s: A2; S&P: A+; Fitch: A+



By location: Our network is one of the most extensive in the industry, covering over 100 markets, with our own offices in 34 locations. We bring together local insight and a global network and successfully combine a 24/7 global operating model, accessible from any time zone, and one of the industry’s most comprehensive product offerings. Banking licenses around the world and our membership of industry bodies in all locations facilitate our client activities. 

By investor type: Our clients include asset managers, alternative fund managers, broker-dealers, arrangers, originators, issuers, pension funds, insurance companies, sovereign wealth and government agencies, investment banks and banks. We provide our clients with a comprehensive set of post-trade solutions.


CAPABILITIES/SERVICES: We provide a comprehensive range of services for the entire investment cycle from global custody and fund administration to middle and back office outsourcing. We offer securities lending, FX, cash and banking, trade execution, derivatives clearing and collateral management.


TOP EMERGING MARKETS: Our award-winning emerging market custody service continues to expand with the ongoing development of local banking operations in a number of South American countries, including Columbia and Chile.


BUSINESS DEVELOPMENTS: In order to enhance our clients’ performance, we continue to expand geographically, both through the extension of our on-the-ground presence across Asia-Pacific and Latin America and also through our on-going commitment to other significant international markets. We increase the focus on our clients: by deploying globally led strategies and resources; and by the launch of integrated packaged solutions, such as A-Suite for Asset Managers and MasterSuite for Asset Owners, in order to support client requirements across the entire service spectrum.


OUTLOOK: We continue to invest in our people and technology as well as to globalize our European success.

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Charles Cock
Head of Client Development
T:  +33 1 42 98 42 30


CUSTODY ASSETS:150-2-Features 70-Custody-Buyers-Guide
2012: $26.2 trillion
2011: $25.8 trillion


RATINGS: Aa1; S&P: AA-; Fitch: AA


CAPABILITIES/SERVICES: BNY Mellon is dedicated to dynamically supporting our clients’ investments and safeguarding their assets, keeping them working around the clock and across the world. It’s part of our commitment to being a true partner for our clients’ investment success. We specialize in operational solu-tions and capabilities for today’s market – enhancing the manage-ment and administration of investments with services that process, monitor and measure investment data from around the world. By leveraging our global footprint and deep expertise, we deliver insight-driven solutions for every phase of investing.


BUSINESS DEVELOPMENTS: BNY Mellon’s Global Collateral Services unit brings together its global capabilities in segregating, allocating, financing and transforming collateral on behalf of clients, including its market leading broker-dealer collateral management, securities lending, collateral financing, liquidity and derivatives services teams.


BNY Mellon is distinctively positioned to help clients in the current economic environment, as the world’s largest global custodian with one of the industry’s largest securities lending programs, with $3 trillion in lendable assets. Its proprietary global collateral manage-ment technology platform processes a wide array of transaction types, including derivatives, tri-party repurchase agreements, portfolio swaps, and collateralized loans, as well as a wide variety of margin management activities.


Regulators globally are mandating additional requirements for col-lateral to reduce the risk of negative systemic events from impact-ing the market. Such regulations as Basel III and Dodd-Frank will require additional collateral deposited between trading partners, set standards on the types and amounts of collateral needed to transact business, impose collateral requirements on trades con-ducted through central clearinghouses, and require investors to use collateral more efficiently because of the increased demand.


OUTLOOK: BNY Mellon is committed to investing in core services and developing innovative products to support the unique require-ments of our clients. We invest in our technology and people to provide the highest level of service in today’s global markets.


Samir Pandiri, BNY Mellon
T: +1 212-635-1368


CUSTODY ASSETS:150-3-Features 70-Custody-Buyers-Guide
2012: €171 billion
2011: €186 billion


RATINGS: UniCredit Bank Austria AG: Fitch A; Moody’s A3; S&P A


Foreign: 200-plus foreign institutional clients
OTHER: Global Custodians, Broker Dealers, Investment Funds, Pension Funds and Insurance Companies.

CAPABILITIES/SERVICES: Core subcustody services, stock exchange remote clear-ing, asset servicing, fund administration, market information distribution.


COUNTRIES SERVED: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Ukraine.


BUSINESS DEVELOPMENTS: IT investments with special focus on easier client access to markets, information and T2S. Further network optimization. Continuous activities on local market level to support the  development of investor-friendly environments, creating and steering local working and user groups.


OUTLOOK: We are committed to CEE and to maintaining and growing our position as the leading securities services provider in the region through continuous investments in people, products and services and IT developments. Aligning with the priorities of our clients, we remain strongly focused on risk management and mitigation. T2S and regulatory changes will be main drivers in the develop-ment of our markets.


150x180-2-Features 70-Custody-Buyers-Guide

Sven Trahan, UniCredit Global Securities Services
UniCredit Bank Austria AG
Julius-Tandler-Platz 3
A-1090 Vienna, Austria
T: +43 50505 57311
F: +43 50505 58579


CUSTODY ASSETS:150-4-Features 70-Custody-Buyers-Guide
2012: Over $1.7 trillion
2011: Over $1.6 trillion

RATINGS: Moody’s: Aa3;S&P: AA-; Fitch: AA-



By location: Primarily based in the US and Canada, along with Ireland and the UK. Global custody clients are invested in 44 countries; we add markets as client need dictates. We have access to 100+ markets.

By investor type: Fund managers, full range of employee benefits and custodial safekeeping for corporations, insurance companies, financial institutions, healthcare institutions, not-for-profit organiza-tions, foundations, endowments, public/government agencies, Taft-Hartley plans, partnerships, and foreign entities.


CAPABILITIES/SERVICES: Wells Fargo provides global and domestic custody, comprehensive securities processing supporting sophisticated portfolio strategies, SWIFT capabilities (ISO 15022), benefit payments, cash movement, FX, commission recapture, tran-sition management, portfolio liquidation, comprehensive financial reporting, investment performance and portfolio analytics, investment guideline monitoring, integrated access to Clearwater reporting, and treasury services. Through our award-winning Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO®) portal, we offer a full suite of financial services online, including trust and custody, treasury, credit, international, investing, and purchasing. We further offer investment management, retirement and welfare benefit plans, actuarial services, executive benefits, and complete benefits consulting solutions.



EAFE:  Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Euroclear, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

BRICs: Brazil, China, India, Russia, South Africa. 

N11: Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Turkey, Vietnam. 

Other:  Argentina, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Malaysia, Poland


BUSINESS DEVELOPMENTS: Wells Fargo maintains active participation with several industry associations, including SIFMA, ISITC, and BDUG. Significant and continuous investments in tech -nology are the norm.


OUTLOOK: Wells Fargo is one of the most respected and highly recognized companies in the nation. Growing the retirement busi-ness, including all aspects of investments, trust, brokerage, private banking, and insurance, is among Wells Fargo’s top strategic initia-tives. Our Strategic Relationship Management program is a disci-plined, proactive, and consultative approach to serving our clients.


150x180-3-Features 70-Custody-Buyers-Guide

Bob Poferl, Wells Fargo IRT
T:+1 612 667 0752


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