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Features : The World’s Best Internet Banks, 2004

In the first of a two-part series, Global Finance identifies the best online corporate and consumer banks by country and product or service category.

I t’s hard to believe that it has been 10 years since Web banking kicked ...

Features : The World's Best Sub-custodians

World’s Best Sub-Custodians

Global Finance selects the winners in a specialized area of finance that enables global investing to exist.

Sub-custody involves a wide range of securities services, including clearance and settlement, safekeeping, cash management, record keeping, securities lending ...

Features : Best Investment Banks

Citigroup scored a remarkable triumph for a commercial and retail bank by outperforming the cream of the crop in the first annual Global Finance Investment Banks Awards.

121 In a triumph that evokes images of a ‘blue-collar’ horse like Funny Cide ...

Features : The Best Emerging Market Banks 2004

Emerging markets are poised to post their strongest growth in 20 years. Global Finance has picked the banks in 73 emerging market countries and four regions that have best been able to help their clients benefit from the upturn.

All ...

Features : World’s Best Treasury Providers

Global Finance selects the best in the world.

The big international banks make it look easy, sweeping up dollars and euros and various other currencies from remote corners of the world and investing the resulting cash pile in the highestyielding ...

Features : World’s Best Foreign Exchange Banks 2004

Global Finance selects the leaders in the world’s biggest financial market.

5 EVERY THREE YEARS the Bank for International Settlements takes a “snapshot” of the foreign exchange market, with central banks around the world contributing simultaneous surveys of market activity ...

Features : World’s Best Trade Finance Banks

Therebounding global economy is creating opportunities for cross-border sales, but only the foolhardy operate without the safety net provided by a good trade banker.

Features01 Citigroup, through its Banamex subsidiary, was selected to arrange the financing for Aeromexico’s purchase of ...

Features : The World’s Best Internet Banks 2003

In the second of a two-part series, Global Finance identifies the Regional and Global Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Banks and Best Consumer Internet Banks, as well as global sub-category winners.

Best Corporate/Institutional Integrated Site
Best Corporate ...

Cover Story : The Best Companies In Europe




CEO: Michael O’Leahy

Despite a setback in the French courts recently over aid from local governments, Ryanair is by far Europe’s most successful airline. CEO Michael O’Leahy’s abrasive management style wins him ...

Cover Story : The Best Companies In Asia



Singapore Airlines

CEO: Chew Choon Seng

It is a measure of Singapore Airlines’ strength that it took the SARS epidemic to cause it to post its firstever quarterly loss in the quarter that ended in June. The ...

Cover Story : The World’s Best Companies 2003

The sixth annual exclusive Global Finance survey of the World’s Best Companies profiles global leaders in 28 industries or sectors and identifies the top regional players.



President: Dermot Mannion

As a private company little is known about ...

Cover Story : The Best Companies In Latin America




Executive Vice President and CEO: Enrique Cueto Plaza

LanChile’s operational efficiency, passenger loyalty and steady revenue growth in both its cargo and its passenger business segments continue to drive the company’s profitability, even as ...

Cover Story : The Best Companies In North America



JetBlue Airways

CEO and Director: David Neeleman

JetBlue has added some ‘frills’ to the ‘no-frills’ airline sector, offering leather seats, free live TV at each seat and a fleet of 47 new Airbus A320s—in addition to ...

Cover Story : World’s Best Banks 2003


BEST_Global_Banks_Oct_03 terrible years, the world’s banks must have been looking forward to a less tempestuous time in 2003. And that was what they got. Sure, there have been trouble spots in the past year, too, but most ...

Features : Best Banks In Project Finance 2003

High energy prices could prove to be a tonic for a market that has been under the weather for the past few years. Global Finance selects the winners from a shrinking group of banks with the appetite to take on ...

Features : The World’s Best Internet Banks 2003

In the first of a two-part serie s , Global Finance identifies the best online c orpor and consumer banks by country and product or service category

• B y A dam R ombel


It is already almost a decade since Internet ...

Features : Best Sub-custodians In 2003

Global Finance selects the winners in a specialized area of finance—one that is often hidden to end-users of custody services.

1 Sub-custodians form the bedrock of the custody business. They hold and process securities on behalf of other custodians and ...

Features : Best Business Hotels & Airlines

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, it did.


London’s Savoy Hotel

Tough times continue for the world’s airlines.With their business model already under attack from nofrills carriers on short-haul and domestic routes,traditional airlines ...

Features : Best Bank in Region: HSBC


Best_BANKS_ASIA_03 Born in Hong Kong in 1865, HSBC continues to dominate the banking industry in Asia.Over the past year, it has made particular headway in mainland China, opening up more opportunities in this huge market. In 2002, the bank ...

Features : Best Emerging Market Banks 2003

Time was when emerging economies had to worry about things as mundane as a run on the bank. But now political uncertainty has replaced purely monetary concerns in judging the direction of emerging markets.

b_1 The Turkish lira may still be ...