Cover Story : Life Beyond The Oil Rush

Competition between Asia’s new economic superpowers, China and India, for energy resources has already helped push up oil prices. We look into where it could all end.

csif01 There are any number of reasons why the price of oil today ...


Features : Coming In From The Cold

Buoyed by strong demand for its commodities exports, Mongolia’s economy and its financial markets are beginning to show increasing strength.

It gets awful cold round this time of year in Mongolia. The temperature drops to 30 below freezing and ...

Features : Banks Adapt to a Changing Market

Sector Report: Oil and Gas

Uncertainty in the oil and gas industry over future prices is forcing global banks to look harder for potential funding opportunities.

With global energy prices hitting new peaks, and all the indicators from the futures ...

Features : The Best Emerging Market Banks 2004

Emerging markets are poised to post their strongest growth in 20 years. Global Finance has picked the banks in 73 emerging market countries and four regions that have best been able to help their clients benefit from the upturn.

All ...