Italy: Remodeling The Vatican Bank

MILESTONES   By Luca Ventura   The oldest multinational in the world is about to get a substantial makeover. The news came on February 24th, when its CEO, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, also known as pope Francis, issued a Motu Proprio, a papal ...

Israel–Palestine Gas Accord

Israel–Palestine Gas Accord

MILESTONES   By Luca Ventura   When in early January the US secretary of state John Kerry traveled to the Middle East, newspaper headlines mostly focused on his attempt to push yet another peace deal between Israel and Palestine. His efforts, however ...

The Return Of ‘Ratings Shopping’?

MILESTONES By Luca Ventura The announcement came early in November. Expressing the intention to break the monopoly of the Big Three in the financial ratings industry, credit ratings organizations from five countries proclaimed the launch of ARC Ratings, which is ...


Serbia: Can Lazar Krstic Cut It?

NEWSMAKERS By Luca Ventura Lazar Krstić has a daunting task ahead: saving Serbia from a debt crisis. A Yale graduate with no party affiliations or political experience, the 30-year-old McKinsey associate is expected to consolidate public finances and prompt economic ...

Brazil: IMF Rep Opposes Greek Bailout

MILESTONES By Luca Ventura “Implementation has been unsatisfactory in almost all areas; growth and debt sustainability assumptions continue to be over-optimistic.” It is with these incendiary comments about Greece that Paulo Nogueira Batista, the representative of Brazil and 10 other ...

Newsmakers: Economic Reformer Tackles Domestic Pressures


By Luca Ventura

As China’s economy faces its slowest growth in more than a decade, the focus turns to the new Finance minister, Lou Jiwei. Lou, 63, has arguably the highest international profile among prime minister Li ...

External Debt in Countries Around the World

External debt (also called "foreign debt") is the portion of total country debt that is owed to creditors outside of the country. The debtors can be the government, corporations or private households. The creditors include private commercial banks, other governments ...


Veteran Indian Finance Minister Back In The Finance Seat


By Luca Ventura

Often labeled arrogant and brusque, India's finance minister, Palaniappan Chidambaram, is not the most popular politician within his own Congress Party and not much in the public eye.

300 Regulars_04_Newsmakers-1

Chidambaram's new ministerial appointment sparked ...

Former FDIC Head Launches Her Latest Crusade


By Luca Ventura

Sheila Bair is determined to turn up the heat on regulators and accelerate financial reforms.

300 Regulars_04-Newsmakers-02

Bair: protecting the US economy from the next crisis

Photo Credit : ALBERT H. TEICH/ Shutterstock.com

In her latest ...

The Fate Of Europe In The Balance


By Luca Ventura

French president-elect François Hollande is a flag-bearer for adding growth incentives to a European fiscal agreement, rather than just doling out austerity measures.

300 Regulars_04-Newsmakers-1

Hollande elated at defeating Sarkozy

Photo Credit : SKPHOTOGRAPHY / Shutterstock.com

Hollande defeated ...

Profumo Starts With A Splash At Monte Dei Paschi


By Luca Ventura

When Tuscan bank Monte dei Paschi di Siena appointed the charismatic Alessandro Profumo as its new chairman in late April, the news made headlines around the world.

300 Regulars_04-Newsmakers-3

Profumo is ready for the challenge at MPS ...

Global Salon: Instability And Finance


By Paula Green

Global Finance sat down with noted author and international economist James K. Galbraith to hear his views on political instability, its relation to income inequality, and what the implications are for the European crisis ...

Thorsten Heins Hits First Stumbling Block At RIM


By Luca Ventura

On March 29, telecoms company Research In Motion posted its first loss in seven years.

300 Regulars_04-Newsmakers-4

Tough road ahead for RIM chief Thorsten Heins


It was not what shareholders had hoped ...

Johnsen Makes Few Friends With Norwegian Banking Rule Proposals


By Luca Ventura

A former bank teller, Norway’s finance minister Sigbjørn Johnsen is not too concerned about upsetting some of his erstwhile bank employers.

150 Regulars_04-Newsmakers-3

Johnsen takes on Norway’s banks again


“It is ...

Salon: Dean Baker - Fostering Growth


By Alberto Riva

Global Finance sat down with economist Dean Baker, co-director and co-founder of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, DC, and author of several books, including The End of Loser Liberalism: Making Markets ...

Former PM Stands Trial As Outlook Improves For Iceland


By Luca Ventura

As his trial commenced in March in Reykjavik, Geir Haarde, the former prime minister of Iceland, was the first world leader to face criminal charges over the 2008 financial crisis. Haarde, 60, could serve up ...

Nigerian Candidate Breaks The World Bank Mold


By Luca Ventura

When Robert Zoellick announced in February that he would leave the World Bank in June, at the expiration of his five-year term as president, initial speculation over his possible successor revolved around the usual names ...


Woodford Out Of The Picture At Olympus


By Luca Ventura

When Michael Woodford was promoted to president and then CEO of camera and medical equipment maker Olympus Corporation earlier this year, analysts and investors had high hopes for the future of the 92-year-old Japanese firm ...

Greek Bank Merger A Herald Of Things To Come


By Luca Ventura

The recently-announced merger of Greek banks Alpha Bank and Eurobank EFG could breathe fresh life into the much-troubled Greek banking sector.


Tides turning in Greece with bank merger

In fact, it would difficult to overstate ...

Strauss-Kahn Arrest Adds Drama To IMF Succession


By Luca Ventura

While the shocking arrest in May of IMF managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn in connection with an alleged sexual assault dominated the news all over the world, it only complicated a plot that was already more ...

Tremonti Swats Away Accusations Of Protectionism


By Luca Ventura

When the dairy giant Parmalat, a household name in more than 30 countries, collapsed in 2003 with a $20 billion hole in its accounts, Italian finance minister Giulio Tremonti fittingly dubbed the scandal “Europe’s ...


Emerging Markets : High Metals Prices Boost Peru Miner


Compañía de Minas Buenaventura, Peru’s largest publicly traded precious metals mining company, is basking in record high prices for much of its output. Buenaventura operates seven mines in Peru and holds ...


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