VIDEO Best Internet Bank Awards 2013

Shashidhar Ramakrishnaiah, Infosys You will need javascript to view this feature. Infosys' Practice Head, Consumer and Commercial Banking Practice, talks Internet banking, mobile-centric architecture, and IT innovation.   Mayank Mishra, Citi Transaction Services You will need javascript to view this feature ...

Mayank Mishra, Citi Transaction Ser

The Managing Director and Global Head of Online Banking discusses Citi's trade and treasury network -- a single platform that spans 96 countries and serves some 350,000 users.

Foreign Exchange 2013: Who’s Who

Global Finance’s annual list of the most important players in forex.   By Gordon Platt   BMO Capital Markets CJ Gavsie Managing director and global head of foreign exchange products and China capital markets Gavsie is responsible for BMO’s global ...


Features : Austria Struggles for Attention

A small exchange gets some good news.


Erich Obersteiner

At last, Erich Obersteiner has something to smile about. Late March, HypoVereinsbank announced it was to float up to 25% of the stock of BankAustria Creditanstalt (BACA) on the Vienna Stock ...

Cover Story : Turkish Turbulence

The country’s reform program is on track—just.


Recep Erdogan: Wants higher growth

It was never going to be easy, but the first few months for Turkey’s incoming Justice and Development (AK) government have proved more difficult than ...

Newsmakers : Banking Coup For Hsbc


John Studzinski, with Stephen Green (HSBC CEO-designate) and Stuart Gulliver

In a battle between two of the world’s most globe-spanning institutions, it’s HSBC that has come out on top of the Catholic Church. The bank revealed ...

Cover Story : Mending Project Finance

This market has taken a battering but lenders are going back to basics

Cover_story_01 Times are tough in the project finance market as lenders pull in their horns, equity investors scuttle home with their tails between their legs, and project after ...

Features : Best Bank in Region: HSBC


Best_BANKS_ASIA_03 Born in Hong Kong in 1865, HSBC continues to dominate the banking industry in Asia.Over the past year, it has made particular headway in mainland China, opening up more opportunities in this huge market. In 2002, the bank ...

Newsmakers : Ending An Island Exile

St. Helena

“better Access Is Absolutely Fundamental To This Island’s Future.” —david Hollamby, Governor Of St. Helena

newsmakers_01 When the RMS St. Helena casts off from Portland Harbor in the south of England in mid-June, David Hollamby hopes the ship ...

Features : Best Bank in Region: National Bank of Kuwait


Prudent risk management has kept National Bank of Kuwait’s books relatively clear of non-performing loans, but to call NBK conservative would be to ignore the bank’s dynamism in the face of a sluggish operating ...

Features : The Man Who Wired Russia

A Russian programmer spotted a gaping hole in the market.

a_1 First, let’s get the clichés out of the way. Anatoly Karachinsky is no ‘Russian Bill Gates’, nor yet the ‘oligarch of tech’.

The 42-year-old president and CEO of Information ...

Cover Story : After Russia’s Unfinished Revolution

Unprecedented political stability and surging hydrocarbon exports have provided a platform for a remarkable recovery from the depths of Russia’s 1998 crisis, but structural problems linger.

cs0101 On February 11, UK oil giant BP announced it was investing $6.75 ...

Features : Novartis Writes a Transatlantic Prescription

A CFO is at the heart of change in a Swiss icon.

a_1 It’s the day after the company’s annual results bonanza, and Novartis CFO Raymond Breu is sitting comfortably in the Basle headquarters of the Swiss pharmaceutical company ...

Newsmakers : Back To The Future At The Bank Of Japan



Toshihiko Fukui

Call it the revenge of the old guard. The late February nomination of Toshihiko Fukui as the next governor of the Bank of Japan had all the marks of a successful fightback by the forces that dominated ...

Editor's Letter : Dear Reader

Is Russia now a safe place to do business? An overwhelming “Yes” would at first glance seem to be the answer to that question...

Newsmakers : Blood In The Aisles


news_04 When Icarus flew too close to the sun and melted the wax on his artificial wings, he plummeted to the sea. By comparison, Cees van der Hoeven seems to have been held up by wires. The CEO of ...

Milestones : Ubs Combines Its Forces


m_02 Is this, finally, the future of private banking? UBS, the Swiss bank that runs the world’s leading private banking operation, said in February that it would combine five venerable private banking outfits it owns into one. Announcing the ...

Milestones : Prophet With Profits

We have always been run along business principles.” —Eitan Raff, chairman of Bank Leumi, the bank founded by Thedor Herzl



Eitan Raff

Don’t do anything stupid after I’m dead,” was the supposed deathbed injunction of Thedor Herzl ...

Newsmakers : Fridman’s New Frontier

"As businessmen we are pretty young, and so we haven’t many traditions of corporate behavior as a country.”



Mikhail Fridman

From ‘robber baron’ to upright businessman in one sweeping move: That’s the trajectory the reputation of Alfa ...

Cover Story : A Tangled Debate

Public Private Partnerships are sweeping the globe, but in the country where they have been most used PPPs remain deeply controversial.

cover_Story_feb_03 In late September last year, US Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan flew to London for an unusual task. He ...

Editor's Letter : Dear Reader

At last September’s annual conference of Britain’s governing Labour Party, PPPs came closer to provoking a revolt against Prime Minister Tony Blair than anything yet in his six-year premiership...

Features : Calling In the New World to Help the Old

A Citigroup veteran is remaking an industry stalwart.

a_1 The setting: an elegant conference room in the early-20th century neo-Baroque headquarters of the Willis Group. Across a snowy square from the gleaming white stone offices—formerly the center of the Port ...

Features : Global Finance Best Banks Awards

1 Washington’s National Press Club was the scene of Global Finance’s fifth annual Best Banks Award Ceremony. The event took place at the end of September during the annual meetings of the IMF and the World Bank.

Global Finance ...

Newsmakers : A Lloyd’s Reformer Sips Success


Lloyd’s is very much alive and kicking at a time when the industry as a whole has a lot of problems.” —Nick Prettejohn, Lloyd’s CEO

Unlike most people in the world’s roiled insur-ance industry, Nick ...

Newsmakers : Hands Across The Rhine



Hands: German effort now yielding results

Persistence pays, as Guy Hands, the ex-Nomura banker-turned-buyout king, shows. His new outfit Terra Firma Capital Partners has just closed its first deal: the purchase of 42,000 apartments in the Ger-man city ...

Editor's Letter : Dear Reader

One word captures the diverse set of legal, financial and operating factors that bashed and battered world mar-kets in 2002—risk...