Trade Finance Goes Digital

Trade Finance Goes Digital

Inside Sibos | Day 3
This year’s Sibos event is set to see a greater focus on the use of technology to support trade. Since the launch of the Bank Payment Obligation (BPO), and the publication last year of the Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligation (URBPO) by the International Chamber of Commerce, adoption of the new instrument has been gradual—but across the industry there is increasing focus on how technology can be deployed in an area traditionally dominated by paper.

Treasury Technology Branches Out

Treasury Technology Branches Out

Inside Sibos | Day 1
Having the right technology is a key requirement for corporate treasurers—but increasingly companies are looking for their technology vendors to provide additional services beyond the system itself. The evolution of technology is set to be one of the key focus points at this year’s Sibos corporate forum.

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SEPA: Time To Cut Corners?

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TCM: Cash Visibility And Control

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