In The News At Sibos 2014

In The News At Sibos 2014

Inside Sibos | Review
As the dust settles from Sibos 2014, delegates may be asking if they missed anything essential. Here are some of the key announcements to emerge during the event:

Trade Finance Goes Digital

Trade Finance Goes Digital

Inside Sibos | Day 3
This year’s Sibos event is set to see a greater focus on the use of technology to support trade. Since the launch of the Bank Payment Obligation (BPO), and the publication last year of the Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligation (URBPO) by the International Chamber of Commerce, adoption of the new instrument has been gradual—but across the industry there is increasing focus on how technology can be deployed in an area traditionally dominated by paper.

Treasury Technology Branches Out

Treasury Technology Branches Out

Inside Sibos | Day 1
Having the right technology is a key requirement for corporate treasurers—but increasingly companies are looking for their technology vendors to provide additional services beyond the system itself. The evolution of technology is set to be one of the key focus points at this year’s Sibos corporate forum.

The Rise Of Intra-Day Liquidity Monitoring

The Rise Of Intra-Day Liquidity Monitoring

Key topics at SWIFT’s Sibos conference in Boston will include the growing adoption of multibanking solutions—not only by the world’s largest corporations, but also by midcap companies, according to Andre Casterman, global head of corporate and supply chain markets at SWIFT.


SEPA: Time To Cut Corners?

SPECIAL REPORT: SEPA MIGRATION By Rebecca Brace Companies could face fines or even criminal charges if they do not reach SEPA compliance by next February. Some may look to outsourcing or conversion services to make the deadline. As the February ...

Technology & Treasury Management: SWIFT

WOOING THE CORPORATE AUDIENCE By Rebecca Brace Going beyond connectivity is SWIFT’s mantra to corporates these days, but can the bank-owned organization be as fleet of foot as companies would like? SWIFT’s corporate solutions were once limited to connecting companies ...

Corporate SEPA Migration

LATE THROUGH THE GATE By Rebecca Brace With less than a year to go before the SEPA migration end date of February 1, 2014, companies operating in Europe must get migration projects under way or face disruptions to their payments ...


TCM: Cash Visibility And Control

A CONTROLLING INTEREST By Rebecca Brace Cash visibility and control keeps treasurers awake at night, but thanks to rising use of new standards and technology, attaining a clearer picture is becoming much easier. Controlling the company’s cash is a high ...

Treasury And Trade: Convergence

THE STARS ALIGN By Rebecca Brace As treasurers seek to optimize liquidity and working capital, cash and trade solutions are increasingly in sync. Treasury and trade used to be two separate disciplines. But in recent years there has been a ...

SIBOS: SWIFT For Corporates

BEYOND CONNECTIVITY By Rebecca Brace SWIFT continues to roll out new company-focused initiatives as its corporate user-base grows. As SWIFT’s corporate membership figures rise—the number currently stands at around 970–the bank-owned cooperative is working on a number of corporate-focused initiatives. ...

Technology & Treasury Management: Liquidity Management

THE NEW ONE-STOP SHOP By Rebecca Brace Liquidity management is the latest corporate treasury process to get the one-stop-shop treatment by big banks and solution vendors. A few years have passed since the financial crisis propelled liquidity management to the ...


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