Norway’s Fund Ups The Ante On Ethical Investing

Norway’s Fund Ups The Ante On Ethical Investing

Norway’s $870 billion sovereign wealth fund has always been at the forefront of ethical investing, and its actions have influenced the decision making of other asset managers, big and small. But starting next year the fund will reveal its voting intentions before shareholder meetings, not only to be more transparent but also to influence the debate and the subsequent voting.

Global Salon: Georges Ugeux

EMERGING MARKETS 2.0   By Udayan Gupta   At Global Finance ’s Salon in New York in January, Georges Ugeux, CEO of New York–based investment bank Galileo Global Advisors, discussed the economic landscape faced by India and China in 2014 ...


Country Report: Poland

NO QUICK FIXES By Udayan Gupta Poland withstood the recent global economic recession relatively well, thanks to its sound economic policies, healthy economic fundamentals and broad-based support for large and small enterprises. A little more than two decades after the ...

Salon: Robert Annibale, Citi

STRADDLING TWO WORLDS By Udayan Gupta Robert Annibale, global director of Citi Microfinance & Community Development, sat down with Global Finance to discuss the increasing importance of microfinance in banking’s global expansion. Microfinancing and microfinance institutions (MFIs) are seen as ...

Regional Report: Asia


By Udayan Gupta

Intraregional investment within Asia is starting to take hold—reducing reliance on demand from developed markets.

150x400-Features 15b-ADB-Regional-Rpt_Asia

When Essar Power, a unit of Asian energy giant Essar Energy, raised approximately $900 million in ...

Newsmakers: Groupon: A New Stress Test For High-Techs?


By Udayan Gupta

Technology companies lead a charmed life. Flawed business strategy, poor execution, inexperienced management...some technology companies seem to shrug them off and continue.

300-2-Regulars 04-Newsmakers

The master of spin: Groupon's founder, Andrew Mason

But the February ...

Salon: Hiren Ved, CIO, Alchemy Capital


By Udayan Gupta

At this month’s Global Salon in New York, Hiren Ved, chief investment officer of Mumbai-based investment fund Alchemy Capital Management, discussed the Indian markets and economy in a global context and within ...

Cover: The Maze Of Global M&A


By Udayan Gupta

Cross-border M&A is once again on the rise. But completing a successful deal is increasingly complex and fraught with political, and other, risks.

300 CoverStory_10 Cross Border M and A

At first glace, it seemed like another ...


Cross-Border Dealmaker Seeks To Exit Indonesian Deal


By Udayan Gupta

Nathaniel Rothschild’s Indonesian mining deal in 2010 was seen as a portent of how such cross-border deals could be done.

300 Regulars 04 Newsmakers 02

Rothschild (L) and Bakrie CEO Bobby Umar in happier days

Thirty months later ...

Cover: The Relevance Of Stock Exchanges


By Udayan Gupta

As stock exchanges worldwide try to figure out their role going forward in corporate equity and equity capital raising, companies are starting to question whether there is still value in a public listing.

300 CoverStory_10-Stock-Exchanges_02

For both ...

Salon: Robert Brusca, FAO Economics


By Udayan Gupta

Global Finance sat down with economist Robert Brusca, head of consultancy FAO Economics, to discuss the global outlook, the future of Greece and the problem with current-account surpluses and deficits. Brusca has been a member ...

Words Of Wisdom: Edward Mathias, Carlyle Group


By Udayan Gupta

Edward Mathias is a member of the board of directors and a managing director and partner of the Carlyle Group, the global alternative asset management firm. He was instrumental in founding the group and assisted ...

Special Report: Intellectual Property


By Udayan Gupta

Intellectual property, once an arcane and confusing area of law, is now a hot asset class for corporates worldwide. But companies are finding it challenging to value and monetize their IP assets.

300 Features_11-Sp-Report-Intl-Property

Corporations ...

Bangladesh Angles For Foreign Investment


By Udayan Gupta

Bangladesh is one of the more intriguing frontier market economies for foreign investors. In 2011 its GDP rose an estimated 6.3%. But a volatile political environment and an economy that is not immune to ...


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