Using EIU, Mercer and Monocle’s most liveable cities, we take a look at the top 10 based on the combined rankings

Author: S.J. Yun

As the EIU ranking does not include cost of living as a criteria, we’ve also included the results from two other notable surveys and then used the rankings from all three to create an alternative top ten.

By using all three liveability rankings and awarding each city a score from 10 (for first) to 1 (for tenth) we’ve created an amalgamated/alternative top 10, which hopefully benefits from the best that the other three have to offer. Vienna is the only city to appear in all three top 10s, so it’s no surprise that it takes top spot in our combined top 10 and while the rest of our list doesn’t produce any major upsets, it’s worth bearing in mind that the differences between the cities is minimal. The EIU go so far as to say that there is relatively little difference between the first 64 cities of EIU’s liveability ranking, which are considered to have the “top tier of liveability”. 

In all three rankings mid-sized cities with lower population densities scored better, which explains why Australian, Canadian and European cities dominated top spots.

That said, while all three rankings have different findings, the overall pictures are similar and they have all been judged through a somewhat corporate lens. Both the EIU’s and Mercer’s indicators are rated based on a narrow perspective of liveability for well–remunerated expatriates and Monocle’s is targeted at the wealthy, mobile and cosmopolitan reader interested in culture, fashion and design.

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