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Food Producers Take A Bite Out Of Supply Chain Costs


Agricultural commodity prices have risen as much as 20% in the last decade, and a number of food producers have seen profits fall as a result. Some companies are now using traditional techniques to cut supply chain costs in order to help bolster profits.

Another Conflict of Interest Brewing on Wall Street?


Could proxy advisory firms—those as yet unregulated outfits that wield significant influence during corporate elections at US public companies—be in for a showdown with Wall Street regulators?

America’s State of Trade


When president Obama shared with the American public his policy vision for the next year, it was a unique opportunity to educate the nation on its international trade challenges, including the current trade agenda, potential new partners, and ways to deal with the trade deficit, currency wars and disputes with China.

Yet international trade had a limited role in Obama’s discussion.

Draconian New Turkish Internet Law Culls Investor Confidence


Demonstrators have been out on the streets of Istanbul and Ankara yet again, this time portesting the draconian curbs the government wants to impose on the Internet. For investors this reinforces the alarming way confidence seems to have drained from the economy almost as fast as support and authority have slipped from Erdoğan. 

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