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NEW YORK, November 5, 2013 – On November 5th, Global Finance (GFMag. com) presented The World’s Best Internet Bank Awards at its annual gala awards dinner at The Harvard Club in New York City. A full report will appear in the December 2013 issue of Global Finance. Round 1 winners previously appeared in the September 2013 issue.


The overall winners for Regional and Global Corporate / Institutional Internet Banks as well as Regional and Global Consumer Internet Banks were announced. Also announced were the overall global sub-category winners. The grand prize of Best Overall Global Internet Bank was presented to Citi.

Global Finance’s World Best Internet Bank Awards are based on submissions from banks that wish to be considered. This year, 250 individual banks from around the world entered the competition. Representatives from Infosys, a global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing solutions, comprised the judging panel. Based on the judge’s evaluations, Global Finance’s editors made the final selections.


Winners were selected based on strength of strategy for attracting and servicing online customers, success in getting clients to use web offerings, growth of online customer base, breadth of products offered, evidence of tangible benefits gained from Internet inititatives, and web site design and functionality. Sub-category winners were selected on the basis of relative strength products and services.



Global Winners

Best Overall Internet Bank – Global: Citi

Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Bank – Global: Citi

Best Consumer Internet Bank - Global: Standard Chartered

Regional Winners: Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Banks

North America: Citi

Western Europe: Citi

Asia/Pacific: Citi

Latin America: Citi

Central and Eastern Europe: Citi

Middle East/Africa: Citi

Regional Winners: Best Consumer Internet Banks

North America: Scotiabank

Western Europe: Garanti Bank

Asia/Pacific: Citi

Latin America: Scotiabank

Central and Eastern Europe: Tatra Banka

Middle East/Africa: Standard Chartered

Global Sub-Category Winners: Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Banks

Best Investment Management Services: Citi

Best Online Cash Management Site: Citi

Best Trade Finance Services: Wells Fargo

Best Web Site Design: Citi

Best Integrated Corporate Bank Site: ICBC

Best Information Security Initiatives: Citi

Best in Mobile Banking: Citi

Best In Social Media: Citi

Best Online Treasury Services: BRE Bank

Global Sub-Category Winners: Best Consumer Internet Banks

Best Online Deposit, Credit and Investment Product Offerings: HSBC

Best Bill Payment & Presentment: TBC Bank

Best Web Site Design: Tatra Banka

Best Integrated Consumer Bank Site: TBC Bank

Best Information Security Initiatives: Standard Chartered

Best In Mobile Banking: Tatra Banka

Best in Social Media: Standard Chartered


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