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Cover Story : Imperfect Balance

Despite four years of steady decline, the potential for the dollar to crumble is as great as ever.

October 19, 1987, was the worst day ever on Wall Street, at least in terms of market losses. The Dow Jones industrial ...

Cover Story : Trading Up

Automated trading systems are helping fuel dramatic growth in the already-huge foreign exchange market.

missing-picture The growth of the foreign exchange market over the past two decades has been astonishing by almost any measure. When the Bank for International Settlements, based ...

Emerging Markets Roundup

Milestones : Japan Takes Lead In Trade Finance Aid



Makoto Hosomi:
Japanese companies
will benefit, too

Although the Doha round of world trade talks may have failed to achieve multilateral trade liberalization, it is fair to say that international trade flows have altered dramatically in the past decade ...

Emerging Markets : Bond Bonanza



Henrique de Campos Meirelles

The Brazilian government continues to take advantage of favorable market conditions to issue real-denominated paper. The sovereign again reopened its real-denominated global bond issue in early December, selling an additional $346 million worth of the ...

Emerging Markets : Accusations Mount Against Kremlin



Litvinenko: Death
triggered accusations

Just weeks after the assassinations of the number-two official at Russia’s central bank and of a prominent crusading journalist, the Kremlin has found itself accused of orchestrating yet another killing.

As the affair took ...

Emerging Markets : Foreign Investment Growth Accelerates



Expanding: Wal-Mart
takes on India

Airbus Industries unveiled its investment plan for India that it projects will help it capture 50% of the incremental demand for aircraft from India’s rapidly expanding airline and freight industry. The amount will ...

Emerging Markets : Markets Recover To Former Heights



Bernanke and
Paulson: Leading visit

China’s domestically listed stocks approached record highs in early December after Shang Fulin, chairman of China’s stock market regulator, indicated that channels for foreign investment will be further opened. The benchmark Shanghai ...


Milestones : Banks Work For Consistent Regulations

UNITED STATES Wuffli: Initiative will complement other discussions taking place Reflecting the growing anxiety over the complexity and inconsistency of various global regulatory frameworks, a group of financial heavyweights has joined forces in an attempt to streamline global regulation. Under ...

Milestones : Green Begets More Green



Fox: Expects
continued growth
in “green” spending

While Europe’s companies are commonly thought to lead the world in corporate social responsibility (CSR), many companies there are still proving slow to wake up to the benefits of behaving responsibly ...

Milestones : Japan Takes Lead In Trade Finance Aid



Makoto Hosomi:
Japanese companies
will benefit, too

Although the Doha round of world trade talks may have failed to achieve multilateral trade liberalization, it is fair to say that international trade flows have altered dramatically in the past decade ...

Milestones : Russia - Gazprom Wins Sakhalin-2 Skirmish

RUSSIA Sakhalin-2: Project is weighed down with a host of problems After a drawn-out scuffle, the story of Royal Dutch Shell and Russian state-owned oil company Gazprom is finally reaching a close, with Gazprom getting rights to a minimum 50% ...


Features : Canada Shrugs Off Us Market Jitters

Canada Shrugs Off Us Market Jitters With strong macro fundamentals and limited impact as yet from the slowing US economy, most analysts see strong prospects for Canada in the coming year The Canadian market, although subject to the cyclical nature ...

Features : Strategic Partners


Global Finance brought together some of the leading figures in the treasury and cash management field to discuss current and future trends in their industry.

GLOBAL FINANCE: Direct corporate access to SWIFT has been approved and is ...

Features : The Cost of Compliance


Stung by a barrage of complaints that its businesses are over-regulated, the US is considering amending the more controversial sections of Sarbanes-Oxley.

When House Financial Services Committee chairman Michael Oxley and Senator Paul ...

Features : Transition Managers Become The Norm



Investors are generally optimistic about the outlook in Mexico under new president Felipe Calderón.

missing-picture He faces plenty of challenges, but Mexico’s newly elected president, Felipe Calderón, might just be the right man to ...

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance : China Ipos Boost Hong Kong Exchange


The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is giving London and New York a run for the money as the world’s largest venue for new listings, thanks to privatizations of China’s big state-owned banks and industrial companies ...

Corporate Finance : Ford Has Better Idea: Convertible Bonds


Taking advantage of strong demand for debt securities that can be exchanged for shares, Ford Motor sold $4.5 billion of convertible bonds in December, which was some 50% more than it originally intended to offer. The issue ...

Corporate Finance : Us Cross-border M&a Outflow Sets Record


Cross-border mergers and acquisitions originating from US-based buyers reached a record $187.4 billion in the year-to-date period through December 12, 2006, an increase of 20% from the same period a year earlier, according to Dealogic.

The United ...


Newsmakers : Debt Default Threat Rattles Investors



Rafael Correa: Setting
off on the wrong foot
with investors

As Ecuador’s new political leaders take the country’s helm, the focus of many people outside the country will be on the new president, Rafael Correa, who sailed ...

Newsmakers : Paulson Bangs Gong Gently



Shaking the hand that feeds: Paulson meets Chinese premier Wen Jiabao

As the year drew to a close, the US treasury secretary Henry Paulson was roundly criticized in the American media for the seemingly skimpy progress made ...

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Additional Stories

EM Investor : Biggest Pakistani Gdr Offering Since 1994 Comes To Market


Oil and Gas Development Company, or OGDC, raised $813 million in the biggest international share offering in more than a decade by a Pakistan-based company. OGDC, Pakistan’s largest petroleum exploration and production company, listed its global depositary ...

EM Investor : IFC Issue Boosts West African Bond Market


The International Finance Corporation, the private sector arm of the World Bank Group, issued a CFA franc-denominated bond last month to encourage the opening of the West African bond markets. “IFC expects to follow this bond issue with structured ...

EM Investor : Phone Company Adapts To Change


Telkom, Indonesia’s largest phone company, has thrived despite the government’s decision in 2002 to end its monopoly on fixed-line services. Telkom has expanded into the voice-over-Internet international arena and holds a 65% stake ...