Emerging Markets: Restoring the Momentum

Panelists: Naoyuki Shinohara , Deputy Managing Director, IMF; Tim Adams , President Institute for International Finance; Luis Miguel Castilla , Finance Minister, Peru; Nouriel Roubini , Co-founder and Chairman, Roubini Global Economics

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Unconventional Monetary Policies and their Spillover s

Panelists: David Lipton , First Deputy Managing Director, IMF; Joyce Chang , Global Head of Fixed Income Research, JP Morgan; Charles Evans , President, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago; Kazuo Momma , Assistant Governor, Bank of Japan; Manuel Ramos-Francia , Deputy Governor, Bank of Mexico

Frontier Economies: The Next Generation of Emerging Markets

Panelists: Min Zhu , Deputy Managing Director, IMF; Maryam Khosrowshahi, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank; Carmen Reinhart Professor of the International Financial System, Harvard University; Henry Rotich , Treasury Cabinet Secretary, Kenya; Nguyen Van Binh Governor, State Bank of Vietnam

Taxing Times

Panelists: Christine Lagarde , Managing Director, IMF; Alan Auerbach , Robert D. Burch Professor of Economics and Law, University of California, Berkeley; Maria Kiwanuka , Minister of Finance, Uganda; Fernando Aportela Rodriguez , Minister of Finance, Mexico; Pravin Jamnadas Gordhan , Minister of Finance, South Africa

The Challenge of Exiting from Fragility

Panelists: Naoyuki Shinohara , International Monetary Fund Deputy Managing Director; Aggrey Tisa Sabuni , Minister, Ministry of Finance, Commerce, Investment,and Economic Plannig, Republic of South Sudan; Abdusalam Omer , Governor, Central Bank of Somalia; Mark Bowman , General Director, Humanitarian, Security, Conflict and Internacional Finance, Department for International Development; Kristalina Georgieva , Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response, European Commission

Latin America: Preparing for Leaner Times

Panelists: Min Zhu , Deputy Managing Director, IMF; Luis Castilla , Minister, Ministry of Finance, Peru; Jose De Gregorio , Professor, University of Chile; Carmen Reinhart , Professor, Harvard Kennedy School; Enrique Iglesias , General Secretary, Secretaria General Iberoamericana; Luiz Pereira , Central Bank of Brazil

Policies for Growth and Jobs in Europe

Panelists: Nemat Shafik , Deputy Managing Director, IMF; Jean Lemierre , Advisor to the Chairman, BNP Paribas; Kenneth Rogoff, Professor of Public Policy and Economics, Harvard University; Íñigo Fernández de Mesa, Treasury Secretary, Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Spain