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Cover Story : India’s New Economy

In its attempts to bring investment to India, the country’s new government is facing a host of challenges. If it stays the course, its efforts should pay off.

or years, the phenomenon that domestic and global corporations and fund ...

Emerging Markets Roundup

Emerging Markets : All Eyes Continue To Focus On Yukos



Frozen assets: Yukos continues to flirt with bankruptcy

The Yukos affair continued to dominate headlines in Russia. After warning that Yukos would go bankrupt within a matter of weeks due to the Russian government’s freeze on its assets ...

Emerging Markets : Brazil Launches Trade War


Emerging_mkt_r_ups_Sep_04_img_3 Brazil is doing battle with neighboring Argentina over what Brasilia feels are its Southern Cone Common Market (Mercosur) partner’s unfair trade barriers. The most recent row involves home appliances, the import of which Argentine authorities sought to restrict ...

Emerging Markets : Evidence Increasingly Points To A Soft Landing


2009-04-em1 Recent data suggest China’s efforts to slow down its torrid economy have paid off. A cooling trend has become evident, particularly in fixed-asset investments and money supply. It is still unclear whether the broader economy will follow suit ...

Emerging Markets : Mixed Fortunes In Bank Sector


2004-09 The Indian banking sector saw the first collapse of a new-generation bank in July. The Global Trust Bank was one of the new private banks set up 10 years ago when the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued licenses ...


Milestones : Latin America Boards The Beijing Express



Amorim: “Opportunity will prevail”

Latin American governments used to turn to the United States, their traditional trade and investment partner, for help in kick-starting their economies.
However, the region has now set its sights on Beijing to ...

Milestones : Santander-abbey Deal May Start Merger Frenzy


Shakedown: Santander’s Botín seals the deal
with Abbey’s CEO Luqman Arnold (right)

Twenty years ago Banco Santander was the smallest of Spain’s top seven banks. Today its near €40 billion market capitalization ranks Santander second among eurozone ...


Features : Argentina's Corporates Sidestep Sovereign Debt Debacle

As talks between Argentina’s government and its creditors have turned more contentious, corporations have found better ways to overcome their debt woes.

For Argentina’s corporations these are frustrating times. Following the December 2001 Argentine peso devaluation and sovereign ...

Features : Arrested Development

With their educated workforce and low costs, the Baltic states present some of the most interesting FDI opportunities in Europe. So why are they still struggling to attract investment?


Two years ago, a British laboratory equipment manufacturer, Grant Instruments, stumbled ...

Features : Financial Sector Adds Sparkle to Economy

Botswana is betting on its financial sector to diversify the economy.


Festus Mogae: The IFSC initiative is about creating jobs

Since gaining independence from Britain in 1966, Botswana transformed itself from one of the world’s poorest countries into a ...

Features : Going Stateside

2009-04-fe_01 In April the darling of the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, announced its intention to pack its bags and move to the United States, where it would reincorporate in Delaware. For markets and investors in Australia ...

Features : The World’s Best Internet Banks, 2004

In the first of a two-part series, Global Finance identifies the best online corporate and consumer banks by country and product or service category.

I t’s hard to believe that it has been 10 years since Web banking kicked ...

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance : Accounting Proposal Hits ‘coco’ Bonds

The Americas

2009-04-cf-10 Proposed new accounting rules have put the damper on the issuance of a popular type of convertible corporate bond in the US market.
The Financial Accounting Standards Board wants companies to treat so-called contingent convertible bonds, known as ...

Corporate Finance : Citigroup Launches Indexes Focused On Liquid Drs

The Americas

Citigroup introduced four regional indexes that track the world’s most-liquid depositary receipts.
Known as the Citigroup Liquid DR Indices, they include only those companies that have US exchange-listed American depositary receipts or London-traded global depositary receipts that ...

Corporate Finance : Ecb May Join Rate-hike Derby


A horse race could be emerging between the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank on the interest-rate front, says John Normand, global fixedincome and foreign exchange strategist at JPMorgan Chase in London.
The dollar’s rate disadvantage versus ...

Corporate Finance : Yen Tracking Nikkei’s Moves


If weakness in the Japanese stock market continues, this could be troublesome for the yen’s prospects, says Bilal Hafeez, head of foreign exchange strategy at Deutsche Bank in London.

The yen’s moves against the dollar have been ...


Newsmakers : Companies told to pull their sox up



Lewis:“Producing correct numbers
may be impossible”

with the first Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) deadline imminent, analysts and systems vendors paint a picture of companies struggling to comply with regulators’ requirements for higher levels of visibility and transparency into company financials ...

Newsmakers : Going Middle-market In The Heartland



Miillllerr:Diidn’’tt miissss aa ssttep

Heidi Miller, the new CEO of JPMorgan Chase Treasury & Security Services, says her area of responsibility will be the nerve center of the number-two US bank following its merger with Chicagobased Bank ...

Newsmakers : S&p’s Puccia Says Risk Management Rates Highly



Puccia: “We don’t want to get ahead of the industry”

When analysts at New York-based ratings agency Standard & Poor’s sit down with a company’s management team, they want to know how well the executives understand ...

Newsmakers : Shell Pours Oil On Troubled Waters



Omiyi: Hopes to heal rifts

It remains to be seen whether Royal Dutch/Shell’s move to appoint a Nigerian as head of its largest African subsidiary will soothe the labor and ethnic groups who regularly threaten oil production ...

The World's Best Internet Banks - Part 1

Features : The World’s Best Internet Banks, 2004

In the first of a two-part series, Global Finance identifies the best online corporate and consumer banks by country and product or service category.

I t’s hard to believe that it has been 10 years since Web banking kicked ...