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Global Finance names the World's Best Internet Banks in Latin America 2010


NEW YORK, July 26, 2010 – Global Finance has announced the First Round winners in the "World's Best Internet Banks" competition in Latin America. This is the 11th year Global Finance has named the World's Best Internet Banks. Details on all First Round winners will be published in the September issue. First Round winners include Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Banks and Best Consumer Internet Banks at the country level. The Regional and Global winners for these categories will be announced at an Awards Ceremony in New York City in November and published in the December issue of Global Finance. Also announced were Regional winners in Sub-Categories. Global winners in the Sub-Categories will also be announced at the Awards Ceremony and in the December issue. The list of First Round winners follows.

Winners were chosen among entries evaluated by a world-class judging panel. Global Finance editors were responsible for the final selection of winners in the First Round.

Only banks that entered the competition were considered for awards, and awards were only given in those regions, countries and categories in which there were entries.

Winning banks were selected based on the following criteria: strength of strategy for attracting and servicing online customers, success in getting clients to use web offerings, growth of online customers, breadth of product offerings, evidence of tangible benefits gained from Internet initiatives, and web site design and functionality. Category winners, such as "best online cash management" were selected based on the relative strength and success of those web products and services.

"In less than a decade, the Internet has transformed the way many consumers and most businesses bank," says Joseph D. Giarraputo, publisher of Global Finance. "The continuing improvements in Internet offerings represented by this year's entries


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Best Consumer Internet Banks:
Anguilla Scotiabank
Antigua  Scotiabank
Argentina  Santander Rio
Bahamas  Scotiabank
Barbados  Scotiabank
Belize  Scotiabank
Brazil  HSBC
British Virgin Islands  Scotiabank
Cayman Islands  Scotiabank
Chile  Banco Santander
Colombia  Bancolombia
Dominican Republic  Scotiabank
El Salvador  HSBC
Grenada  Scotiabank
Guyana  Scotiabank
Jamaica  Scotiabank
Mexico  HSBC
Puerto Rico  Scotiabank
St. Kitts  Scotiabank
St Lucia  Scotiabank
St. Maarten  Scotiabank
St. Vincent & the Grenadines  Scotiabank
Trinidad & Tobago
Turks and Caicos Scotiabank
US Virgin Islands  Scotiabank
Mercantil Banco Universal


Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Banks:
Argentina  Citi                             
Brazil  Citi
Colombia  Bancolombia
Costa Rica  Citi
Dominican Republic  Citi
Ecuador  Citi
El Salvador  Citi
Guatemala  Citi
Haiti  Citi
Honduras  Citi
Jamaica  Citi
Mexico  Banamex
Panama  Citi
Paraguay  Citi
Peru  Citi
Puerto Rico  Citi
St. Maarten  Scotiabank
Trinidad & Tobago  Citi
Uruguay  Citi


Best Consumer Internet Banks:
Best Investment Management Services  Bancolombia                                         
Best Bill Payment & Presentment Banco Popular Puerto Rico
Best Online Consumer Credit Site  Banco Santander
Best Web Site Design  Banamex
Best Integrated Consumer Bank Site Banco Santander
Best Information Security Initiatives  HSBC
Best Online Deposits Acquisition
Banco Santander
Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Banks:
Best Investment Management Services Citi                                                           
Best Online Cash Management  Citi
Best Trade Finance Services  HSBC
Best Web Site Design  Citi
Best Integrated Corporate Bank Site  Citi
Best Information Security Initiatives