The Globalization Reader

Author: Frank J. Lechner, John Boli
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Released: 2007

Editorial Reviews:
“This third edition of The Globalization Reader, edited by Frank J. Lechner and John Boli, has been substantially expanded and improved. This is, undoubtedly, the best volume of its kind on the market. Undergraduate students, in particular, will find it invaluable, while more advanced students and those seeking an excellent introduction to the field will benefit enormously. I strongly recommend it and Lechner and Boli are to be congratulated for their very carefully selected collection of excerpts and for their equally helpful introductions to the main sections.” Roland Robertson, University of Aberdeen

"Nicely chosen pieces, meticulously introduced and posing intelligent questions to the reader make these a good read."
Times Higher Education Supplement

"This third edition conveys the complexity, importance and contentiousness of globalisation... It offers a provocative assessment of economic globalisation, examines the role of media and religion in cultural globalisation, and explores the link between environmentalism and the globalisation of social problems."
Development Resourses Review

Product Description:
This third edition of The Globalization Reader makes sense of globalization by conveying its complexity, importance, and contentiousness from diverse vantage points. With its broad coverage of political, economic, cultural, and individual dimensions, this volume provides readers with a comprehensive introduction to globalization.

  • Fully revised and updated with new material on economic globalization, the role of media and religion in cultural globalization, and the link between environmentalism and the globalization of social problems includes a wide variety of perspectives on globalization and captures some of the fault lines in current debates, stimulates discussion by including provocative contemporary works and by structuring sections around arguments that serve as connecting theme.

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