The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers

Author: Paul Kennedy
Publisher: Vintage
Released: 1989

Editorial Reviews:
"A the Yale historian Paul Kennedy explains in his study: From the Renaissance to the present, nations have prospered depending on the strategic use of their wealth in time of war as well as on their strength relative to other nations in the decades preceding a particular conflict. In the lengthy history that follows, Professor Kennedy demonstrates, among many other things, that nations rising to supremacy by winning wars tend to get overextended in a way that undermines the source of their wealth." NY Times

"The book is a vigorous entry in the debate over the extent to which national wealth should be used for military purposes.'' Publishers Weekly

"Stimulating, erudite, carefully crafted, and readable; for public and academic libraries."Library Journal

Product Description:
About national and international power in the "modern" or Post Renaissance period. Explains how the various powers have risen and fallen over the 5 centuries since the formation of the "new monarchies" in W. Europe.

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