SWIFT Alliance Lite2 Eases Corporate Access

By Denise Bedell


Alliance-Lite2SWIFT, host of the annual Sibos conference in Osaka, announced that it now has more than 1000 corporates connecting directly with banks and counterparties through its global messaging gateway. And the firm is aiming to make it even easier for companies to bypass long implementation times, bank intermediaries, and heavy equipment investments with the launch of Alliance Lite2, the cloud-based second generation of its corporate web access portal.


Gone are the days when companies wishing to connect directly with their banks via SWIFT had to invest huge resources—in time and money—house highly expensive equipment, and maintain IT resources to manage the connection. Although the connectivity entity’s first corporate web portal, Alliance Lite, garnered less attention from corporates than might have been expected, the second iteration is already sparking enthusiastic response from mid-market companies. It offers broader services and higher volume capacity than the original version—the lack of which were big drawback for many companies. It allows users to access all MT and MX SWIFT messages types, and uses USB token authentication.