A truck plowed into a Berlin Christmas market, leaving at least 12 dead and injuring about 50 more, in what German authorities described as a possible act of terror.

A Turkish policeman, railing about Russia's role in Syria's bloody conflict, shot and killed Moscow's ambassador to Ankara during an art opening.

The Electoral College affirmed Trump's victory in the 2016 election, ending last-ditch attempts to deny him the presidency.

Trump is now viewed positively by 41% of voters, higher than at any time in his campaign, but 47% see him in a negative light.

A court found the IMF's Lagarde guilty of negligence during her time as France's finance chief, but the fund's board is standing by her.China said it returned a U.S. Navy undersea drone that was seized Thursday in the South China Sea.

The U.N. prepared to dispatch monitors to supervise the evacuations in Aleppo after a unanimous Security Council vote.

A gunman in Zurich fired at a group of people gathered for prayers at an Islamic center, injuring three.

Russia's ruling party signed a pact with Austria's Freedom Party, as the Kremlin seeks to deepen ties with nationalist forces in Europe.

Venezuela sent troops to the state of Bolivar after fears over a bank-note ban sparked weekend looting.

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