Features: Intellectual Values


Companies on the hunt for liquidity are unearthing hidden treasures in their intellectual property portfolios.

By Antonio Guerrero

Features_Intellectual-Values-01 As companies strive to make the best use of their assets, to focus on their core operations and to best ...

Features: Corporate Cards Go Virtual

CORPORATE CARDS GO GLOBAL AND VIRTUAL Companies are reworking their corporate card programs and setting up new corporate purchase card programs to improve spend management and gain greater control over global expenses. By Denise Bedell Companies are always looking to ...

Features: Cash Is King Again

The credit crunch made life more difficult for corporate treasurers in many ways—not least in managing their relationships with their cash management banking partners.

By Anita Hawser


Over the past 12 months the European cash management sector has undergone ...

Features: Local Heroes


Many businesses in Asia were well prepared for the credit crunch, having learned some important lessons in previous regional crises.

By Anita Hawser


As the subprime crisis rocked the foundations of the West’s ...

Features : Roundtable: Treasury & Cash Management


With credit conditions tightening around the world, businesses are focusing more than ever on effective liquidity management. Global Finance brought together some of the leaders in the treasury and cash management field to discuss current trends and potential ...

Features : Focus On Liquidity

TREASURY MANAGEMENT: ASIA Facing a unique set of challenges, treasurers in Asia-Pacific are focusing on improving liquidity management. Newton: Organizations placing investment want to know exactly where it is being invested. It is a tough time for corporates around the ...

Features : Changing Investment Strategies

CHANGING INVESTMENT STRATEGIES CORPORATE TOOLBOX / SHORT-TERM INVESTING Credit market turmoil has forced corporate treasurers to re-evaluate their investment strategies. They are scrutinizing short-term investments for their strength and creditworthiness and demanding much greater information from the banks with whom ...

Features : Funds Managers


Global Finance brings together a group of experts to discuss recent developments in the industry.

Global Finance: SEPA credit transfers went live on January 28 of this year. What has been the experience of banks and ...