Free Float Frees Up Sri Lankan Rupee


By Kim Iskyan

After months of conjecture, Sri Lanka’s central bank announced on February 9 that it would no longer defend the rupee at a particular level—in effect, allowing it to float.

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The move spooked ...

Strong Growth, Strong Reform In Mongolia


By Thomas Clouse

Mongolia’s economy grew at a record-setting pace in 2011, bringing optimism for improved living standards—and concerns about overheating.

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In February the World Bank cited 2011 GDP growth at 17.3%, up from 6 ...

Treasury & Cash Management Awards 2012


By Anita Hawser

Companies want ever-more-detailed information to better manage cash and liquidity. Those banks that are investing in best-in-class risk and liquidity management solutions are winning corporate clients.

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Last year was a difficult one for ...

TCM Focus: Corporate Payments

CARD TRICKS By Denise Bedell Advanced card solutions are helping companies extend working capital cycles while improving suppliers' cash flow. The drive to automate payments has been a long-term trend, pushed further by the global financial crisis and the need ...