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Aug. 29, 2014

Call For Entries

In the November 2014 issue, Global Finance will honor the best Chinese banks, companies and executives in our exclusive, 7th annual, Stars of China special report.

China is amid an historic transition, rebalancing drivers in its economy away from investment and toward consumption. Its market, the most dynamic in the world, has entered a new phase. As a consequence, resilient, nimble and innovative banks and businesses have emerged in the People’s Republic, establishing new avenues to growth and stepping onto the world stage.
In Global Finance’s Stars of China Awards 2014 we honor these leaders in their respective fields and explain how and why they are building China’s future.

Global Finance’s Stars of China will be chosen in the following areas, and all winners will be honored at an awards ceremony in Beijing in November:

For Banks:

For Industry Sectors:

Best City Commercial Bank Best Consumer Bank*
Best Corporate Governance Best Corporate Bank*
Best Consumer Credit Card Program Best Commercial/Corporate Credit Card Program
Best Equity Underwriting*
Best Foreign Exchange Provider*
Best Infrastructure Lending*
Most Innovative Bank
Best Investment Bank*
Best For Mergers and Acquisitions*
Best Mutual Fund
Best Private Bank*
Best For Rural Finance*
Best Subcustodian Bank*
Best For Small Business Lending*
Best Supply Chain Finance Provider*
Best Trade Finance Provider*
Best Treasury and Cash Management Bank*
Food & Beverages
Consumer Products
Metals & Mining
Oil & Gas Property/Real Estate Renewable Energy Steel Telecommunications
* both local and foreign bank winners will be selected


The editors of Global Finance will obtain input from industry experts, leading executives, professional investors, consultants and public resources. In addition, a reader’s survey will be conducted to help determine the winners of our Best Bank CEO & CFO and Best Industry CEO & CFO categories. In many cases, banks and companies are also able to present information and perspectives that may not be readily available to Global Finance. Take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the review process and submit your entry today. Performance will be judged over the period between August 1, 2013 and July 31, 2014. It is not necessary to enter in order to win. Those making entry submissions should provide concise information for the following distinguishing criteria, and should only include material that is suitable for the public domain:

Judging Criteria for Banks:
  1. Key financials, including total assets, asset growth, market share, ROE and earnings. Submit data to describe the scale of your banking operations, including any league tables or other comparisons with competitors.
  2. Details of key capabilities and services offered
  3. Geographical range
  4. Details of any recent or planned significant developments, such as mergers, acquisitions, new launches, etc
  5. Customer service—submit customer endorsements (Global Finance may make further contact for additional information)
  6. Technology—examples of leading-edge technology deployment
Judging Criteria for Industry Sectors:
  1. Revenue and profit growth
  2. Key profitability & stability ratios
  3. Market cap and price share growth
  4. Geographical range
  5. Corporate social responsibility
  6. Product innovation
  7. Governance and accountability

Submissions due August 29th, 2014

Send entries to:
Katherine Frey via email -
or Mail to Global Finance, 7 East 20th Street, 2nd Fl., New York, NY 10003