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Digital Bank Winners Reap Win-Win Rewards

Digital Bank Winners Reap Win-Win Rewards

The first round—country and subcategory winners—of Global Finance’s Best Digital Bank awards 2018 reveals that digital transformations are driving efforts by global, regional and national banks to build their corporate and consumer clientele—and cut costs while they’re at it.

Q&A With Tinkoff Bank VP Maxim Evdokimov

Advanced technologies help banks be competitive and retain customers. Maxim Evdokimov, vice president of Russia’s Tinkoff Bank, a digital leader that took several regional awards, explains how technology and lifestyle banking will drive the industry.

Bigger Service From Smaller Banks

The Bank of Distinction Award honors entities that are punching above their weight, using digital technology to deliver a competitive customer experience.

The Right Touch In Emerging Markets

The Right Touch In Emerging Markets

Standard Chartered Bank’s head of Securities Services, Margaret Harwood-Jones, talks about how the bank uses its global platform to help build stronger markets in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Innovating The Innovators

By taking a different approach this year, Global Finance was able to explore a new range of innovation.

Innovating In The Public Interest

The mayor of Louisville, Kentucky is successfully translating his private-sector experience as an innovator into government policies.

Setting The Pace

Corporate giants have been quick to offer new features based upon the latest technologies.