Qatar's Dollar Diplomacy

Qatar's Dollar Diplomacy

The emirate’s deep pockets are helping it secure new and deeper trade and investment ties in an end run around the Saudi economic embargo.


Mideast Markets Curb Appeal

Following a period of relatively subdued infrastructure and real estate activity, 2017 was a better year in the Middle East; and 2018 should record more improvement. Transport-related projects remain essential to the region’s growth, but the most crucial area remains ...


Branchless Mortgages

Global Finance: What is Bidaya's business strategy? Mohamed Badat: Our business strategy involves leveraging innovation and digital infrastructure to directly reach customers in a secure, swift and seamless manner. Home finance and real estate has long been perceived as a ...

New Tools Beget New Solutions

Each advance in technology opens doors for new approaches and ideas. This year’s innovators in finance show the range of problems being tackled.

Proving Products

Global Finance: What are the unique features of the Al Nuwair Deposit Account? And what about the Eservice Gold Account? Fahad Khaled Al-Mukhaizeem: Al-Nuwair deposit is an innovative investment deposit that promises clients with expected profit rates based on the ...

Q&A with Al Baraka: Cracking Africa

Al Baraka Banking Group is expanding into new markets and seeking greater share in its home countries, says Adnan Ahmed Yousif, chairman and chief executive.

Middle East Banks Seek Growth Externally

Middle Eastern banks are looking for merger and acquisition opportunities to help them bolster their balance sheets and expand into new product areas and markets. 

Middle East Drive To Diversify

The need for economic diversification has never been greater, as governments around the Gulf look to shore up oil-depleted revenues and boost job prospects for their fast-growing populations.



Book Review: Heaven’s Bankers

The Islamic finance industry has grown significantly over the past 15 years, and Harris Irfan's book, Heaven’s Bankers: Inside the Hidden World of Islamic Finance gives a fine account of some the groundbreaking transactions that opened up the industry and made it more competitive.