Risky And Riskier

Global Finance editor Andrea Fiano says that President Donald Trump's tariffs on imports could lead to serious economic repercussions and that corporates should take a hard look at cryptocurrencies and their underlying technologies. 

Taxing Questions

Will the latest US tax reform increase the attractiveness of the United States for foreign companies? Will companies line up to establish or increase operations in the US? And, if so, will this force other developed economies to follow suit ...

Dear Reader: Eternal Vigilance

  At the start of 2018, strong economic growth and financial market outperformance seem to be hallmark of the year. One wonders, however, if there is a disconnect between the real economy and financial markets, and whether gains are a ...

The Great Tax Debate: US And Worldwide

JANUARY 2018 | VOL. 32 NO. 1 Good timing is sometimes just a coincidence. When we started discussing a cover story on taxes and corporates with reporter Laurence Neville a few months ago, we could not imagine how topical the issue ...


One Year Later

DECEMBER 2017  |  VOL. 31 NO. 11 Dear Reader, What a difference a year makes! Or does it? One year after the victory of Donald Trump, not much of his legislative agenda has been accomplished, as our cover story shows. ...

Q&A with ACI Worldwide Financial Fraud Solution Specialist, Jay Floyd

ACI Worldwide's Fraud Strategy & Solutions specialist Jay Floyd spoke with Global Finance Editor Andrea Fiano on the sideline of Sibos 2017 regarding the massive rise in financial fraud across the world and how ACI is using machine learning technology to identify behavior patterns to detect and minimize fraud.

ING wins 'Best Bank In The World' award for 2017

Koos Timmermans, CFO of ING, winner of our first Best Bank In The World award, speaks with Global Finance Magazine editor Andrea Fiano about how his bank succeeded in establishing a global footprint by following its clients, and the lesson that ING took from fintechs: focus on the user experience.

The Safest And The Best

NOVEMBER 2017 | VOL. 31  NO. 10 Our annual ranking of the World’s Safest Banks is one of our most widely respected awards. Intended as a working tool for banks and corporates, this ranking requires a lot of data and ...

KfW 'World's Safest Bank' for 2017

Lutz-Christian Funke, executive director of KfW, The World’s Safest Bank for several consecutive years, discusses with GFMag editor Andrea Fiano Germany’s political balancing act and economic stability, Europe’s refugee problem, and KfW’s collaborations with other European banks and political agencies.

Brazil Needs Social Security Reforms: Goldfajn

Ilan Goldfajn, governor, central bank of Brazil, one of the top-rated governors in Global Finance’s annual Central Banker Report Cards, talks with Magazine editor Andrea Fiano about the progress of reforms in Brazil and how it has impacted the country and the region politically as well as economically. 

A Milestone For Global Finance

OCTOBER 2017 | VOL. 31  NO. 9 When the world’s central bankers and finance ministers arrive in Washington this month for the World Bank and International Monetary Fund meetings, the economic picture they will contemplate is rosier than in recent ...

Africa 2017 | The Future of Banking Everywhere

In the following pages we explore some of Africa’s contradictions. Eighty percent of Africans are unbanked; at the same time seven of the world’s fastest-growing economies are in this region.

Cloudy, With Patches Of Light

What is the economic climate worldwide at the end of the Northern Hemisphere’s summer break? Don Rissmiller, chief research officer at Strategas in New York, describes what ...

Return To Toronto

Global Finance magazine’s annual supplement takes an in-depth look at cybersecurity, regtech, compliance, and other key themes facing banking and finance leaders.

Dear Reader June 2017

Editor Andrea Fiano’s piece on past, present and future innovation opens the June issue of Global Finance Magazine.

Dear Reader May 2017

Editor Andrea Fiano’s piece on balancing near-term and long-term efforts opens the May issue of Global Finance Magazine.

Dear Reader March 2017

It is hard to remember a time when discussion over a new set of tax rules in the United States was so widely followed overseas.