Africa 2017 | The Future of Banking Everywhere

In the following pages we explore some of Africa’s contradictions. Eighty percent of Africans are unbanked; at the same time seven of the world’s fastest-growing economies are in this region.

Cloudy, With Patches Of Light

What is the economic climate worldwide at the end of the Northern Hemisphere’s summer break? Don Rissmiller, chief research officer at Strategas in New York, describes what ...

Return To Toronto

Global Finance magazine’s annual supplement takes an in-depth look at cybersecurity, regtech, compliance, and other key themes facing banking and finance leaders.

Dear Reader June 2017

Editor Andrea Fiano’s piece on past, present and future innovation opens the June issue of Global Finance Magazine.

Dear Reader May 2017

Editor Andrea Fiano’s piece on balancing near-term and long-term efforts opens the May issue of Global Finance Magazine.

Dear Reader March 2017

It is hard to remember a time when discussion over a new set of tax rules in the United States was so widely followed overseas.


Debating Transformation

SWIFT's Sibos conference this year shows its continued growth and importance, 38 years after its creation.

Chasing Innovation

Companies thrive through innovation. It is an engine for growth and survival. Over time it distinguishes winners and losers, and it constantly redefines competition.

The Long View

Working at a modern media outlet with a website, Twitter feed and the rest of it, we at Global Finance easily get caught up in the tumult of fresh content.

Taking The Long View

In the past few weeks, world financial markets have been pervaded by a bleak vision of global growth potential.


Status Symbols For Safety

This issue of the magazine focuses once again on Global Finance's ranking of the Safest Banks. Not just the safest banks in the world, in the emerging markets, or the safest commercial banks, but also in each of more than 100 countries.

Making The Grade

After a summer of heavy turbulence in global financial markets, the new season starts with the seemingly endless story of when the Federal Reserve Board will raise interest rates. Although the Fed put off the move in September, the US central bank will up rates eventually, most likely at its next meeting in December. The hike will undoubtedly force some countries to shift monetary policies.



Dear Reader
The annual meetings in Washington, D.C., of the IMF and the World Bank afford a unique mix of events where economic forecasts are made, meetings held, official statements delivered, and award ceremonies (including Global Finance's Best Banks) conducted.

Seeing Opportunity In Obstacles

Inside Sibos | Day 3
“Global Transaction Banking is the fastest growing unit in Société Générale,” says Christian Behaghel, head of GTB at Societe Generale. “It is a very stable business, and while we generate something like 6% of the total revenue of the bank, we are experiencing growth of our revenue of 10-15% a year.” This compares, he says to some areas of retail banking that have 0-2% growth a year.