Debating Transformation

SWIFT's Sibos conference this year shows its continued growth and importance, 38 years after its creation.

Chasing Innovation

Companies thrive through innovation. It is an engine for growth and survival. Over time it distinguishes winners and losers, and it constantly redefines competition.

The Long View

Working at a modern media outlet with a website, Twitter feed and the rest of it, we at Global Finance easily get caught up in the tumult of fresh content.

Taking The Long View

In the past few weeks, world financial markets have been pervaded by a bleak vision of global growth potential.


Status Symbols For Safety

This issue of the magazine focuses once again on Global Finance's ranking of the Safest Banks. Not just the safest banks in the world, in the emerging markets, or the safest commercial banks, but also in each of more than 100 countries.

Making The Grade

After a summer of heavy turbulence in global financial markets, the new season starts with the seemingly endless story of when the Federal Reserve Board will raise interest rates. Although the Fed put off the move in September, the US central bank will up rates eventually, most likely at its next meeting in December. The hike will undoubtedly force some countries to shift monetary policies.



Dear Reader
The annual meetings in Washington, D.C., of the IMF and the World Bank afford a unique mix of events where economic forecasts are made, meetings held, official statements delivered, and award ceremonies (including Global Finance's Best Banks) conducted.

Seeing Opportunity In Obstacles

Inside Sibos | Day 3
“Global Transaction Banking is the fastest growing unit in Société Générale,” says Christian Behaghel, head of GTB at Societe Generale. “It is a very stable business, and while we generate something like 6% of the total revenue of the bank, we are experiencing growth of our revenue of 10-15% a year.” This compares, he says to some areas of retail banking that have 0-2% growth a year.

Treasury In An Integrated World

Corporate Forum | Treasury In An Integrated World

SWIFT’s Sibos conference is certainly the place where banks and financial services firms showcase their solutions and meet clients—both during the conference and at the trade show. And in the Corporate Forum, one of the conference streams which will take place on October 1 and 2, the focus is even more precise.


Over the past few years, thanks in large part to quantitative easing, we have witnessed the enormous effect that monetary policies have on the world economy.

Roundtable: Taiwan

ROOM TO GROW Moderated by Andrea Fiano At a roundtable in Taipei, Global Finance brought together key figures in Taiwan’s banking and finance industry to discuss the emergence of the country as an offshore renminbi center and other regional economic ...

Editor's Letter: Diplomacy And Trade

APRIL 2014 | VOL. 28 NO. 4 As we write, the Ukrainian crisis is in full swing, and the outcome is impossible to predict. What we have seen so far demonstrates not only the need for global trade treaties but ...

Editor's Letter: The Fed And Emerging Frailties

DEAR READER MARCH 2014 | VOL. 28 NO. 3 Not all emerging markets are equal. It may sound obvious, but these days it is worth repeating, as some emerging markets are suffering serious outflows of foreign capital that undermine their ...

Editor's Letter: Is The Future MINT?

DEAR READER FEBRUARY 2014 | VOL. 28 NO. 2 In 2001, Jim O’Neill, then chief economist and head of asset management at Goldman Sachs, created the acronym BRIC (which became BRICS later on with the addition of South Africa) to ...

Editor's Letter: Evolving Landscape

DEAR READER JANUARY 2014 | VOL. 28 NO. 1 Janet Yellen steps in as the new chair of the Federal Reserve at a precarious moment. The Fed tapering announced in December will have a huge impact on markets around the ...


Editor's Letter: The New Geography

There is a new definition of the emerging markets and their characteristics that confutes many old and accepted axioms; for example, the idea that the cost of labor is cheaper in developing countries, or that governance is more advanced and regulations are more enforced in developed countries.

Editor's Letter: All Eyes On The Big Players

DEAR READER NOVEMBER 2013 | VOL. 27 NO. 10 A few months ago nobody would have expected the United States to dominate the recent meeting of the G20 group in Washington and the discussions at the annual assembly of the ...

Editor's Letter: New Agenda For BRICs?

DEAR READER   OCTOBER 2013 | Vol. 27 No. 9   The annual meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in Washington coincide this year with an important change in the global economic climate. Early, faint signs ...

Editor's Letter: Nascent Optimism

“Optimism reaches the real economy.” This is the headline of a recent report from the Institute of International Finance...

Safest Banks In Australasia: April 2013

Global Finance names the Safest Banks In Australasia: April 2013 NEW YORK, February 26, 2013 — Global Finance magazine (GFmag.com) has named the Safest Banks In Australasia: April 2013 in an exclusive survey to be published in the April 2013 ...