World's Safest Banks 2017 | A Measure of Safety

World's Safest Banks 2017 | A Measure of Safety

Banks come, go, merge and split, but our annual Safest bank ratings provide a consistent measure of bank stability. Read ahead to find out the top 50 global banks and other rankings.


Worlds Safest Banks 2016: Global Top 50

Global Finance Magazine's 16th annual ranking of the World's Safest Banks illustrates how  sovereign rating upgrades impact the perceived strength of a country's financial institutions. 


World’s Safest Banks 2016: Safest Islamic Banks

Abu Dhabi’s Al Hilal Bank is the safest Islamic bank in the six GCC states, replacing Al Rajhi Bank of Saudi Arabia, which falls to seventh position following downgrades prompted by the downgrading of the Saudi government. Kuwait Finance House ...

World’s Safest Banks 2016: Country Winners

Global Finance’s country-by-country ranking of the Safest Banks comprises 104 countries. Sixteen of these countries have a new safest bank this year. Most new winners have earned their places through ratings upgrades, while some have taken the top position by ...

World’s Safest Banks 2016: A Retrospective

Ten years ago, Global Finance’s ranking of the world’s safest banks included such household names as Citigroup, Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank and the Spanish giants, Santander and BBVA. None of these now feature in the Safest 50—indeed, several ...

Worlds Safest Banks 2016: Middle East Top 50

The safest banks in the Middle East are all based in the GCC, with the exception of the two large Israeli banks, Hapoalim and Leumi, which rank 26th and 27th. National Bank of Abu Dhabi remains the Safest Bank in ...

World’s Safest Banks 2016: Europe Top 50

The safest banks in Europe are located in Northern and Western Europe, with Germany contributing ten of the Top 50 banks and France nine. The safest nine European banks are the same nine that lead our Global Safest Banks ranking.  ...

World's Safest Banks: Biggest Emerging Markets Banks

The assets of the 50 biggest emerging markets banks rose in 2015 by 35%, to $27.2 trillion, even as many emerging markets currencies lost value against the dollar. The rise in asset size of the biggest 50 was driven by ...

Stars Of China: Banks Span The Spectrum

This year’s ranking of Chinese banks includes all 21 Chinese banks that have a rating from one of the three large, international rating agencies. In principle, the only criterion for inclusion, apart from having one or more rating, was that ...


Safest Commercial Banks 2015

Banks in Western Europe occupy the most spots in the ranking of Global Finance’s Safest Commercial Banks—but one bank from Canada tops the list again.

Safest Banks By Country 2015

Safest Banks By Country 2015

Global Finance’s country-by-country ranking of the safest banks in the world includes eight new country leaders.

Biggest Global Banks 2015

Chinese banks are assuming an increasingly important position among the world’s biggest banks. But European banks are still the largest geographic grouping in our rankings.

Top 50 Safest Global Banks 2015

With financial markets strengthening in most quarters, a stellar credit rating—not just a solid one—is now required to gain a place on our list of the World’s Top 50 Safest Global Banks.


What’s Next For Kuwaiti Banks?

SPECIAL REPORT By Andrew Cunningham Kuwaiti banks are in good health. Capital levels are high, nonperforming loans low and declining, and liquidity remains strong. The IMF’s latest Article IV report on Kuwait, concluded at the end of November, found that ...

Kuwait: Reshaping The Welfare State

COUNTRY REPORT   By Gordon Platt   Oil-rich Kuwait is finally making progress on implementing its multibillion-dollar development program and improving its business operating environment.   Despite its aim to become a world-class financial and commercial center, the Arab Gulf ...


World’s Safest Commercial Banks 2013

PRIVATE-SECTOR SUPERSTARS   By Andrew Cunningham   Banks from Australia, Canada and Singapore dominate the list of the Top 10 Safest Commercial Banks.   State-owned banks and those that enjoy some form of sponsorship from government or regional organizations have ...

World’s Safest Banks 2013

KEY TO THE TOP   By Andrew Cunningham   Global Finance presents its annual ranking of the World’s Safest Banks. There are few changes at the top, showing the stability of the highest echelon of banks.   The safest 10 ...

World’s Biggest Banks 2013

RISING TO THE TOP   By Andrew Cunningham   Global Finance presents the World’s Biggest Banks 2013.   For the first time, a Chinese bank topped the list of the biggest banks in the world at the end of 2012—displacing ...

Ranking: Safest Banks Midyear Update

SEARCHING FOR SECURITY   By Andrew Cunningham   Global Finance presents its half-year update to the World’s Safest Banks Ranking. Canadian banks suffer downgrades but remain well represented in global safest rankings.   Downgrades by both S&P and Moody’s have ...


Emerging Markets' Safest Banks

CONTINENTAL EROSION By Andrew Cunningham   Global Finance presents its annual ranking of the Top 50 Safest Banks in the Emerging Markets.   Banks in the Arabian Gulf and Asia have strengthened their hold on the rankings of safest banks ...

Emerging Markets' Biggest Banks

EMERGING GIANTS   By Andrew Cunningham   Global Finance presents its annual listing of the Biggest Banks in the Emerging Markets.   Eight of the 10 biggest emerging markets banks are Chinese, and a further 10 Chinese banks are included ...