Taxes: VAT Revolution

Taxes: VAT Revolution

Adopting a new tax system, Saudi Arabia and the UAE deliver a shock to companies and consumers—and reassurance to foreign investors.

MENA: Dipping Into Digital

Digital banking, cryptocurrencies, ecommerce and fintech start-ups—2017 was a record year for digital investments in the MENA region. But there’s wide variation between countries.  

Is Lebanon The New Greece?

The war in neighboring Syria has taken its toll on Lebanon’s economy, which is demonstrating lackluster growth and high levels of public debt. Could the upcoming May parliamentary elections restore growth and investor confidence? 


Q&A With Central Bank Governor of Jordan

Dr. Ziad Fariz, governor of Jordan’s central bank since 2012, talks about the refugee problem, recovery from the financial crisis, and how his country is keeping its financial system on an even keel. 

Q&A With Central Bank Governor of Lebanon

Riad Salamé, governor of Lebanon’s central bank, discusses economic conditions for his country and the region in general, and how Lebanon benefits from its “strong, healthy and conservative banking sector.”


UAE Telco Providers Are Gearing Up For 5G

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) wants to be one of the first countries in the world to roll out the fifth generation of mobile networks, more commonly known as 5G.

Bahrain Launches National E-Wallet

The Central Bank of Bahrain will launch the kingdom’s first electronic wallet by the end of June, “an important step in enhancing the financial sector by providing innovative payment solutions aimed at both public and private sectors,” says Salman bin ...

Lebanese Banks Stand Tall Amid Uncertainty

The Lebanese economy was hit hard in recent years, mainly by spillover from Syria’s crisis. However, the financial sector has proven resilient and domestic political stability offers renewed prospects for growth.   

Q&A with Freddie Baz, Bank Audi

Doing business in Egypt and Turkey is not for the fainthearted. Bank Audi’s vice chairman and group strategy director says success in these markets is about being able to absorb short-term shocks.

Q&A with Saad Azhari, Blom Bank

Regional political and economic uncertainty has not impeded Lebanese banks’ expansion into countries such as Jordan, Egypt, and even Iraq, says BLOM Bank’s chairman and general manager.

A New Economic Reality: Oil And Gas

Is Lebanon about to become the Middle East’s next oil and gas producer? After years of political deadlock, the government is about to reopen bids for offshore hydrocarbon exploration.

More Bank Mergers In The Gulf

Gulf countries are encouraging local banks to merge and several have done so. In the UAE, National Bank of Abu Dhabi and First Gulf Bank are in the process of creating the largest bank in the Middle East. 

UAE Bank Going Digital-Only

In early 2017 the Commercial Bank of Dubai will launch CBD NOW, the UAE’s first digital-only bank. The new bank is based entirely online and will offer all the services a regular bank does.