Tech Comes To Big Law

Tech Comes To Big Law

Global law firms are following finance in adapting to technology’s efficiencies. Corporate clients demand it.

Private Banking: Raising The Game

Private Banking: Raising The Game

The Covid crisis is hastening banks’ adjustment to digital. But knowing a financial client is not the same as knowing a subscriber’s TV preferences.

Food Finance

Food Finance

The new frontiers in banking include mobile payments, blockchain, inclusion and … agriculture?


The Boom Rages On

The Boom Rages On

China continues to mint new high-net-worth individuals, and private banks global and domestic are eager to serve.



New Wealth With New Attitudes

New Wealth With New Attitudes

The wealth built in emerging markets is transforming the private banking sector, with the needs and desires of the emerging-markets ultra-rich changing as rapidly as the markets themselves.


China Reunification At 20: A Mixed Bag

Hong Kong has grown beyond most expectations since its reunification with China two decades ago. But Shanghai and Shenzhen pose fresh challenges.

Japan Warms To China’s ‘One Belt’ Plan

Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe has expressed support for China’s massive One Belt, One Road infrastructure-upgrade plan. But his endorsement comes with a lot of ifs.

Russia: A Slow Pivot

Yulia Tseplyaeva, now chief economist for Russia at Sberbank, speaks about Russia’s pivot East and adjustment to ruble devaluation.

Russia Takes A Half Turn To Asia

Russia is working to reduce its dependency on Europe by strengthening domestic industry and ties to the Far East. It’s a work in progress.  

Risky REFI Do-Overs For Corporate Finance

With interest rates insanely low, many corporate borrowers have been refinancing with leveraged loans—despite significant risks—and investors are eagerly snapping up the debt

Corporate Capital Shops Abroad

Cash-rich corporations are once again seeking to expand through acquisitions, often looking abroad for synergies, and that’s driving the global M&A market.

Genius Or Lunacy, US Tax Plans Will Have Global Impact

People, businesses and governments around the world are looking anxiously toward Washington these days, trying to read the mind of the new president, Donald Trump, and the soul of the new Congress for changes that might affect them.