APIs Alive

This year, we have honorees across a range of product areas that all aim to either help make their clients’ lives easier or make it easier for the banks themselves to foster innovation. 

New Tools Beget New Solutions

Each advance in technology opens doors for new approaches and ideas. This year’s innovators in finance show the range of problems being tackled.


No More Compliance Headaches?

Corporate compliance and due diligence headaches may be easing, as a number of new services have been launched to help companies screen suppliers against global sanctions lists. Ever-increasing regulatory requirements, including broader monitoring and compliance obligations, and ever-changing sanctions and ...

Distributed Ledgers Prove Useful

Use cases for blockchain technology are rapidly being developed and tested throughout the financial services industry—and beyond—from the Australian Securities Exchange to payments infrastructure providers. But perhaps one of the most compelling areas where blockchain could truly redefine financial services ...

Best-Performing Companies In The Middle East

There are big changes at the top of the rankings this year, and there is greater geographical diversity in the list. Companies in the region are dealing with a number of serious headwinds and broader economic and market changes, which are starting to take their toll. 

Fintech: The Tortoise And The Hare

The past year has seen major advances which, although only beginning to bud, are likely to have long-running ramifications for corporate treasury and cash management as they blossom and mature.


The Most Innovative Solutions For Consumers/Financial Institutions

The Innovators 2015 - Transactions Services, is Global Finance's annual listing of the most innovative banks and fintech companies in treasury and transaction services. The firms in this category are honored for launching products or services that are transforming the transaction services landscape for consumers and financial institutions. Global Finance uses the OECD's Oslo Manual Of Innovation to evaluate honorees.

The Most Innovative Banks In Transaction Services 2015

The Innovators 2015 - Transactions Services, is Global Finance's annual listing of key innovations in treasury and transaction services. The financial institutions included in the list are honored for launching products or services that are transforming the corporate transaction services landscape. Global Finance uses the OECD's Oslo Manual Of Innovation to evaluate honorees.

Life Expectancy By Country

Life Expectancy By Country

Data on life expectancy offers insight into the health of countries around the world and, as such, into their citizens' chances and ability to prosper.


5 Minutes w/ Joy Cave, VP & Treasurer, FM Global

Inside Sibos | Day 1
Global Finance spoke with Joy Cave, vice president and treasurer of international property insurer FM Global, about how the firm measures and manages relationships with its transaction banking partners and how that has changed in light of market and regulatory developments in recent years—both key topics of discussion for corporate treasurers attending SWIFT’s Sibos conference in Boston this week.