The Old Days Aren’t Coming Back

The Old Days Aren’t Coming Back

Central America and the Caribbean won’t revert to normal post-Covid. Digitization, diversification and infrastructure investment are contributing to a regional transformation.


The Caribbean | Change Of Diet

The Caribbean | Change Of Diet

A new agricultural initiative in the Caribbean aspires to reduce both obesity and dependence on cheap food imports. Can it spur eco-nomic growth too? After decades anchored to tourism and commodity exports, the Caribbean region is shifting to development through ...



Banking In Brazil | Addicted To Hot Money

With the state-owned National Bank for Economic and Social Development ending its subsidized credit lending practice in Brazil,  state and private retail banks will have to step in to support the long-term credit market unlike at present.

Argentina Prepares Another Bond Issue

Encouraged by its successful bond sale in June, Argentina is planning another bond offer. But some experts are cautious ahead of October's midterm election.

Temer To Ram Through Unpopular Reforms

Brazil’s administration faces an approval rating of only 10.3% and the unpredictable course of corruption investigations. But president Michel Temer still has a major opportunity to get Congress this year to approve his ambitious and unpopular austerity reforms of social security, labor laws, and the opening of rural land and domestic airline sectors to foreign investors.


Political Mayhem Adds To Olympic Woes

Brazil | Despite the optimistic expectations in 2009, when Rio de Janeiro was chosen to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, the competition in August is not likely to show Brazil in the best light.