Berkshire Hathaway Names Buffett's Successors

Longtime senior executives Greg Abel and Ajit Jain were promoted to vice chairman on January 10 and joined Berkshire’s board of directors. The announcement might suggest that Abel and Jain, alone or together, might lead the company in the near future.

South Korea Engages With North Korea

South Korea’s new overtures to Kim Jong II are part of a broader regional diplomatic initiative. Moon visited China, a North Korean ally and key trading partner, in December 2017, and called for better South Korea-China relations.


The Benefits Of Blockchain

Jalak Jobanputra, founding partner of Future\Perfect Ventures, an early-stage venture-capital fund, visited Global Finance to discuss the state of fintech, the future of blockchain and digital currencies, and how corporations can extract more value from such technology.


Can New CEO End Crisis For Teva Pharmaceutical

Kåre Schultz will take over as CEO at a time when the pharmaceutical company struggles with competition, downward pressure on drug prices, expiring patents, rising operational costs, bribery investigations, fines and failed acquisitions.

Mondelēz's New Chief Must Navigate Change

The US based food giant announced that Dirk Van de Put will become the company’s new CEO in November. He will have to address changing consumer preferences like fresh over processed Food, organic ingredients and dining out

From The Garage To The Cloud

Michael Gould, founder and CTO of Anaplan, a performance-management Cloud platform provider, visited Global Finance to discuss innovation in corporate software, the fast-growing need for data analysis, and how to turn an idea into a global company.

Are Clawbacks Coming Back?

After Wells Fargo forced two senior executives to pay back $75 million in compensation, other companies are rethinking clawback clauses—which experts say are effective governance mechanism.  

Sovereign Funds Go Local

Political pressure is on sovereign wealth funds to use investment to support local communities and infrastructure. 

China: Behind the Numbers

Global Finance: What economic indicators does your firm focus on in China? Leland Miller: Growth alone is not a good indicator, due to China’s borrowing and spending. Additionally, GDP information can be easily manipulated and numbers are not transparent. We ...

Google Alum Brings Digital Vision To Mattel

Margaret Georgiadis, a former Google executive, joined Mattel in February as its new CEO. Mattel is one of the world’s largest toy companies and the executive leadership change comes at a time of substantive growth for the global toys industry.

Economic Populism Boosts Ecommerce

The Trump campaign in the United States and the UK’s Brexit movement put forth renewed calls for economic policies with potential to limit or reduce cross-border trade. 

Insider At UN To Mitigate Antiglobalism

António Guterres, the former prime minister of Portugal and UN high commissioner for refugees, took over on January 1 for a five-year term as the United Nations secretary general. The fact that Guterres ran a major UN agency during a global refugee crisis would help him to focus on ways to better integrate the various UN operations and to partner with other institutions. 


Israel: Focused On The High End

Israel's economy depends on foreign trade, and that presents a challenge under current conditions. Policymakers remain focused on high-tech while keeping an eye on global political developments. 

New Head at Caterpillar Faces Slow Growth

Caterpillar, the US-based leader in the machinery and engine industry, announced that in January Doug Umpleby, a longtime Caterpillar executive, will succeed Doug Oberhelman as the company’s CEO. He will be challenged by slow growth worldwide. 

Broverman: Tech To Extend Advisory’s Reach

Eli Broverman is president and co-founder of Betterment, a provider of automated online investment advice—“robo-advisory.” He visited Global Finance to discuss technology and asset management.