Local Terrorism Coverage Beats Global

Although there have been no attacks or payouts in the 12 years since its original passage, the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act in the US is set for renewal again, despite the fact that it was only intended as a temporary measure to protect the commercial insurance market and its customers following the attack on the Twin Towers.


Still in their infancy, cryptocurrencies could change the way that companies manage payments for the goods and services that are the essence of global trade. As the bitcoin surge picks up momentum, corporate financial executives are wondering what it means for their business and how they can manage the risk of adopting—or not adopting—digital currencies.

Beale Takes Helm At Lloyd’s

NEWSMAKERS By Gilly Wright One of the world’s oldest insurance markets, Lloyd’s of London, has appointed the first female CEO in its 325-year history. But as the London market confronts one of the most challenging periods in its development, new ...

Westerner To Run Japan’s Takeda?

NEWSMAKERS   By Gilly Wright   Japan’s largest pharmaceuticals firm, Takeda, has appointed Frenchman Christophe Weber as COO in a highly unusual move designed to groom him for the role of CEO. Weber will join the firm in April 2014, ...


Gibraltar: A Rock In A Hard Place

MILESTONES   By Gilly Wright   The ongoing spat between Spain and Britain over Gibraltar (a British-dependent territory that borders with Spain at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula) has drawn attention to the continued lack of commitment to ...

Mexico: Peña Nieto's Energy Reform

NEWSMAKERS   By Gilly Wright   The proposal by Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto to reform Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), the state-owned oil and gas monopoly, could have far-reaching consequences for the country’s troubled economy. The proposal, which requires a constitutional ...


Internet Users By Country & Gender

Internet Users By Country & Gender

The term "Internet users" includes subscribers who pay for Internet access (dial-up, leased line and fixed broadband) and people who have access without paying directly, either as a member of a household or from work, school, a public library or Internet café. 


Country Report: Israel

RESPONSIBILITY AND REFORM   By Gilly Wright   Responsible fiscal and monetary policies and a host of reforms aimed at liberalizing the economy have allowed Israel to become one of the world’s most attractive places for foreign investment. But change ...



Features : The perils of prosperity

ECONOMIC UPDATE / CHINA As the dust settles after the Olympic games, China is facing a less certain economic future.     Relentless progress: Construction work in Beijing's booming central business district. China opened the 29th Olympic games on August ...


Emerging Markets : EM Roundup

Clouds Gather As Gdp Growth Eases BRAZIL Despite positive news surrounding Brazil’s economic recovery, analysts predict the boom will soon be tempered. GDP growth, likely to end 2004 at 4%-4.5%, is expected to come in at a more modest 3.5% ...

Cover Story : World’s Best Companies List

NORTH AMERICA AIRLINES JETBLUE AIRWAYS CEO and Director: David Neeleman After gaining passenger loyalty in the US with its goal of “bringing humanity back to air travel,” JetBlue went international this year, adding flights to two Caribbean destinations. The airline ...

Emerging Markets : Output Bounce Raises Threat Of Overheating

China Chinese industrial output rebounded in August after months of decline. Analysts said strong export growth could explain some of the 15.9% year-on-year rise. But the data suggests state measures to cool off China’s economy are becoming less effective, fueling ...

Emerging Markets : Evidence Increasingly Points To A Soft Landing

China Recent data suggest China’s efforts to slow down its torrid economy have paid off. A cooling trend has become evident, particularly in fixed-asset investments and money supply. It is still unclear whether the broader economy will follow suit, as ...

Emerging Markets : Party Games

CHINA General Motors announced it will invest more than $3 billion in China over the next three years, trying to displace Volkswagen as the leader in the red-hot auto market. In response,VW will double production capacity to 1.6 million units ...