Gulf Real Estate: From Hi-Rises To REITs

The real estate investment market in the Middle East is exhibiting a resurgence and signs of maturity, with real estate investment trusts growing in popularity as an alternative source of capital. 

Sovereign Bond Caravan Lopes Along

Sovereigns continue to lead debt issuance in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, with further major issuances planned for this year, as countries look to plug deficits.

Trade Pact Sails Forward

Ratified by more than 110 of 164 member countries, the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) has gone into force, launching “a new phase for trade facilitation reforms all over the world,” according to the WTO.

Oil State Fund Invests In Technology

Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF), which is expected to exceed $2 trillion in 2018, is slated to play a major role in diversifying the Saudi economy, with big investments in a technology, healthcare and other sectors. 


Qatar Loosens Guest Worker Rules

Qatar plans to spend more than $200 billion on infrastructure projects, including roads, bridges, railways, and ports, and has loosened guest worker sponsor requirements to facilitate recruitment.

Strong Dollar Likely Under Trump

The Trump administration’s nascent economic policies will likely result in a strong dollar and rising interest rates. 

FX Trading Pivots Toward China

The US dollar remains king in the world’s biggest market, as the rise of Asia’s share in foreign exchange trading, led by China, is coming at the expense of Europe rather than the US, analysts say. 

Saudi Global Bond Sets Benchmark

Saudi Arabia made a splash with its $17.5 billion debut in the global bond market, which was the largest debt issuance by an emerging economy. The successful sale on October 19 was increased from an originally planned $10 billion, as ...

World’s Best Banks 2016

Global Finance unveils its annual lists of the best banks in the world, globally, regionally and by country. The winners outperformed their peers and provide top-notch service to clients in a challenging environment. 

Will the dollar peg come unglued?

GCC nations are constantly recalculating the cost/benefit ratio of maintaining the dollar peg. Lately, external pressures give the question new urgency. 

FX Scandal Drives New Trading Methods

Following the FX benchmark rate-fixing scandal, which saw six banks fined almost $6 billion, currency traders at corporate and financial institutions worldwide are revising how they execute transactions.

ECB Corporate Bond Buying Lures US Issuers

Capital Markets | Fixed Income
US companies are rushing to borrow in European bond markets. They’re taking advantage of low interest rates on euro-denominated issues after the European Central Bank’s decision to start buying investment-grade corporate bonds in June—part of its economic stimulus program. Last year already set a record for corporate borrowing in Europe’s bond markets, where rates are significantly lower than in the US.

Market Braces For $2 Trillion In EM Debt

Trends | Emerging Markets
Emerging markets sovereigns and corporates will need to refinance up to $2 trillion of debt coming due in the next five years, as a result of extravagant borrowing earlier this decade when commodity prices were soaring and cheap financing was readily available.