Deals Abound Despite Oil Plunge

Middle East Investment Banking
M&A tops charts as transaction prices moderate across the region, industries consolidate, and key nations pursue privatization.

FED To Examine Negative Rates For Us

Capital Markets | Fixed Income
Now that Japan has joined Europe in adopting negative interest rates, could below-zero rates become a policy option for the Federal Reserve?

Markaz Sees The Silver Lining

Kuwait Financial Centre (Markaz) has been among the Arab region’s leading asset management and investment banking institutions since 1974. Speaking with Global Finance, CEO Manaf Alhajeri explains that economically challenging times have a bright side: a chance to find value for long-haul investors.


Lost In Translation

As volatile currencies toy with the bottom lines of global companies, corporate treasurers are paying a lot more attention to foreign exchange.

Regulators Increase Scrutiny Amid Surge In Global M&A

Capital Markets | M&A Antitrust
Antitrust authorities around the world are stepping up their merger-monitoring activities amid a boom in cross-border M&A. They’re increasingly requiring merging companies to divest assets to win approval for their deals. In some cases, complex requirements are causing corporates to abandon proposed combinations.