Innovation: A New Look

Innovation: A New Look

One of the most overused words in the business lexicon is often misunderstood: What is true innovation? Should it be a priority for all companies? And how can firms make it happen?

The Asian Century

The Asian Century

With a major new trade deal, favorable demographics and relative success managing the pandemic, Asia is fast assuming global leadership. Has the “Asian Century” just begun?

Executive Insights: Asia's Culture Clout

Executive Insights: Asia's Culture Clout

Stuart Wood, a founding partner of design agency Missouri Creative in London, points to Asia’s rising cultural influence—from K-pop to TikTok—as a soft yet powerful facet of its 21st century leadership.



The Green Imperative

The Green Imperative

Calls for a greener, fairer world are growing, and an increasing number of companies are realizing the value of mitigating the pursuit of short-term profits in favor of long-term systemic—and corporate—health.







Country Report: Russia

REFORM BECOMING REALITY   By Laurence Neville   After years of promises, there are tentative signs that Russia is finally getting serious about reforming its economy.   Russia has always been the odd one out in the BRIC quartet of ...


Emerging Markets Review: Feeding Growth

NOURISHING GROWTH   By Laurence Neville   Despite slowing growth in the BRIC countries, emerging markets generally continue their ascent. Although they have made fewer headlines than usual over the past year, developing countries have experienced some pivotal, uplifting moments—both ...

FX Supplement: The Euro Belies the Pessimists

PROFITING FROM THE BEAUTY PAGEANT   By Laurence Neville   Despite the eurozone’s debt woes, the euro has remained remarkably resilient thanks to a range of factors, including a more credible ECB under Mario Draghi and diversification away from the ...

Special Report: Asset Nationalization

WAKE-UP CALL   By Laurence Neville   The expropriation of private assets in Argentina and Bolivia are a stark reminder of the risk of doing business in developing markets.   Nationalization of the political sort—as opposed to pragmatism designed to ...

Cover Story: Global Elections 2012

ELECTION YEAR   By Laurence Neville   Numerous countries around the world are holding elections this year, which could create market uncertainty and hold back much-needed political decision-making—particularly in Europe.   Unlike 2011, which was a year of "unknown unknowns," ...


The 10%+ Club

  COVER STORY: THE 10% + CLUB   By Laurence Neville   Predicting what countries will be the next growth outperformers is tricky at best. Those firms that back the winners will undoubtedly profit, and the countries that make the ...

Wealth And Democracy Go Hand In Hand

MILESTONES / GLOBAL   by Laurence Neville   Renaissance’s Robertson: “China in risky period” China will become a democracy by 2017, while Russia is highly likely to become a strong democracy within the next few years, according to a remarkable ...

Country Report: Ukraine

Uphill Struggle   By Laurence Neville   Ukraine’s recovery appears impressive, but structural cracks remain that could derail it.   At first glance, Ukraine appears to be in fine health. Having been at risk of collapse in the first stage ...

Blowing Up

COVER STORY: EMERGING MARKETS INFLATION   By Laurence Neville   Emerging markets have been credited with saving the world’s economy from catastrophe with their resilient exports. Now they’re exporting a different product that threatens to stop the global recovery in ...


The Great Divide

ANALYSIS: GLOBAL GROWTH   By Laurence Neville   As companies thrive while countries struggle, a split seems to be emerging between macroeconomic and corporate performance.   Observers of the global economy could be forgiven for being a little confused of ...