More Rules, More Fines, More On Balance

Lenders have paid more than $300 billion in fines since the 2008 financial crisis; the growing regulations are slowly forcing stronger balance sheets.  

Jack Ma Pledges US Jobs. Sort Of

Alibaba executive chairman Jack Ma stood side by side with president-elect Donald Trump on January 9 to tout Alibaba plans that would “create one million [US] jobs.” Turns out, the plans are to support exporters, which may or may not create jobs in the US. 


Nearshoring Tide Rises In Europe

LOCATION TRENDS | Technology allows all sorts of work to be done anywhere. Many companies are taking advantage of this power to "nearshore" European operations from pricey major capitals to lower-cost locales.  

US Execs Flock To China—Then Flee

When Alibaba announced in May that it was hiring former Goldman Sachs managing director Douglas Feagin to run the international unit of its finance arm, Ant Financial, many observers had a sense of déjà vu.

Activist Investors Target Banks

Management | Shareholder Activism
Activist investors are knocking more loudly at banks’ doors. According to Thomson Reuters data, in 2015, activists launched 97 campaigns aimed at the US financial sector, 22 of them targeting banks.



Israel–Palestine Gas Accord

MILESTONES By Luca Ventura When in early January the US secretary of state John Kerry traveled to the Middle East, newspaper headlines mostly focused on his attempt to push yet another peace deal between Israel and Palestine. His efforts, however, ...