Counterparty Risk In The Spotlight

Inside Sibos | Day 1
What has really changed since the global financial crisis first hit? Four years after the Dodd Frank Act was enacted in the US to help stem another bank crisis, one of the primary causes of the meltdown remains a serious concern.


Upcoming stress tests for Europe’s 124 largest banks will have more credibility than they had previously, but some analysts argue that banks may need far more capital than regulators demand to withstand a crisis. And any hoped-for international standardization in terms of stress testing is out the window as there is little comparability between the upcoming European and recently completed US bank tests.

Middle East Oil & Gas: Iranian Win?

MIDDLE EAST 2014 SUPPLEMENT By Ronald Fink Some analysts think the Ukrainian crisis could help improve prospects for Middle Eastern oil producers—pushing up prices and driving development of recent finds as a result. The crisis in Ukraine sent global energy ...


US: Fracking’s Fractured Future

MILESTONES   By Ronald Fink   Recent write-downs of shale assets by BHP Billiton and Royal Dutch Shell have cast doubts on claims voiced in Washington, DC, that the US can attain energy independence as a result of the technological ...

Salon: Yves Zlotowski, Coface

ROLE REVERSAL   By Ronald Fink   Global Finance sat down with Yves Zlotowski, chief economist of the economic research department of trade risk consultancy Coface, to get his take on the investment opportu-nities and challenges of emerging markets.   ...

Cover: Currencies: War or Peace?

NO LONGER JUST A GAME?   By Ronald Fink   The recent spate of currency devaluation will start to have a serious impact unless global leaders focus on economic fundamentals, rather than figments.   The yen is down 25% against ...