Q&A with Banco De Mexico | Americas Beware Protectionism

After more than seven years at the head of Bank of Mexico, Agustín Carstens, 59, leaves a country “more resilient,” he tells Global Finance Magazine, as he moves to a new post at the Bank for International Settlements. With the Americas at risk from rising protectionism, Carstens emphasizes the benefits of NAFTA. It’s better, he says, to tackle directly the negative impacts of globalization than to push back against widely beneficial economic integration.  

Q&A With Bank of Italy | A Tortoise Economy

Ignazio Visco, governor of the Bank of Italy since 2011, spoke with Global Finance about economic conditions globally and in Italy, where the banking system has been stressed, efforts to improve those conditions and Italy’s slow-and-steady return to growth.  

World's Best Banks 2017 | Q&A With Banorte

Banorte CEO José Marcos Ramírez Miguel sees less risk now from revising the regional trade deal, even a “very positive impact” on Mexico’s economy.

Central Bankers Eye A Return to Normal

The rosier outlook gives central banks a chance to return to more traditional policies after endless cycles of easing. The US Federal Reserve (Fed) is likely to stick to its plan of slowly increasing interest rates, and the European Central Bank (ECB) could follow suit.

España Va Bien

With reforms taking hold and world trade recovering, Spain is stronger than at any time since the 2008 financial crisis.

Spanish Bank Reforms: Breaking Bad Cycles

The 2012 European bailout of the Spanish banks was probably the nadir of the Spanish financial and economic crisis but an aggressive approach to tackling its banking-system troubles set Spain apart from its Mediterranean neighbors such as Italy

Cash Is The Enemy

Zelle is simplifying peer-to-peer digital payments in hopes of winning over mainstream mobile-banking customers.

Portugal Makes The Grade

Q&A: Adriana Alvarado, DBRS's Portugal expert, discusses the nation's vulnerabilities, long-term growth prospects and needed reforms.

Moon Jae-In May Be Nicer To Neighbors

Moon Jae-in, South Korea's new president Civil- and human-rights lawyer and former student activist Moon Jae-in won a presidential election on May 9, becoming the 12th person to serve as president of South Korea.

Private Equity Gets Back Into Brazil

A positive macroeconomic outlook and a sharp decline asset prices are once again making Brazilian investments attractive for large international private equity firms, which are cautiously returning after three years of economic crisis.

Paraguay: Making The Right Moves

Paraguay has emerged from the shadows of its larger neighbors Brazil and Argentina to become the “little China” of South America. Its against-the-odds economic success story is sustained by an investment-friendly climate and strong fiscal discipline.

Deficit Hawk In Line For US Treasury Role

David Malpass was one of Donald Trump’s key economic advisors before the election. He is tipped to be appointed soon as US Treasury undersecretary for international affairs.

China Tightens Currency Controls As Renminbi Slides

Stricter capital controls by Chinese authorities are prompting concerns that the liberalization of the Chinese capital market is being halted at a time when the US dollar’s strength and a steady outflow of funds from the country are causing the renminbi to slide.


Potential Rivals Team Up

Banks and fintech firms are finding synergy in partnerships that join the former’s market know-how with the latter’s technological wizardry.

Growing Strong And Clean

Ralph Hamers, CEO and chairman of ING Group, talks with Global Finance about how ING’s lending practices and use of fintech are bolstering the bank—and sustaining the environment. 

Seeking A More Stable World Economy

Alberto Bisin, professor of econo-mics at New York University and fellow at the Econometric Society, studies social, financial and behavioral economics, regulation and income distribution. He spoke with Global Finance on Brexit and other global risks.

Down, But Not Out

Retail sales in the Middle East are susceptible to lower oil prices and falling consumer demand, but international retail chains still view the region’s long-term investment prospects positively.    

Banks Look To Enhance Cross-Border Payments Transparency

Capital Markets | Cross-Border Payments
Forty-five international banks have teamed up with the financial messaging provider Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) to launch an initiative aimed at making cross-border payments faster and more transparent.

New Bill May Be Last Hope For Debt-Ridden Puerto Rico

Capital Markets | Debt Restructuring
Americans used to like Puerto Rico, a United States territory in the Caribbean, not only for its white, sandy beaches but also because of its high-yield, tax-free bonds.