KEB Hana: United For Regional Strength

When Korea Exchange Bank (KEB) merged with Hana Bank, they formed Korea’s largest bank, with $243 billion in total assets in 2015, and $143 billion in lending as of November. CEO Ham Young-joo sat down with Global Finance editors to discuss economic conditions and KEB Hana’s plans for growth.


Taiwan: Bring It On

Taiwan’s new president and its banks face a tough market and a changing economic picture. They’re ready.

Taiwan Roundtable: Ready To Manage The Risks

Taiwan is facing a challenging year, according to participants in a Global Finance roundtable in Taipei. But sound regulation has made banks resilient, and the mood is still upbeat.


Banking On CIPS And ISO 20022

CIPS as a “game changer.” With the ability to handle cross-border renminbi clearing for both onshore and offshore participants, CIPS is expected to improve foreign corporates' access to RMB and to accelerate the pace of the currency's internationalization.

Year Of The Renminbi: Is Full Convertibility Around The Corner?

As trade denominated in yuan continues to rise at a phenomenal rate, its significance to global markets is quickly increasing. But even as the IMF considers adding renminbi to the basket of SDR reserve currencies and China’s global political clout rises commensurately, the country has yet to fully liberalize its markets—or its currency.


Renminbi | Trends
Autumn was a sweet season for the offshore progress of the renminbi.  One-third (31%) of major German corporations polled in a November survey by Deutsche Bank are trading in renminbi with cross-border customers and suppliers, while another 17% said they intended to do so in 2015.