Africa: Wooing Venture Capital

Africa: Wooing Venture Capital

African entrepreneurs, frustrated by political and economic barriers and reluctant banks, increasingly see VC as the source of the funds they need. 


Nigeria's Stock Exchange Lists Itself

Nigeria's Stock Exchange Lists Itself

Although the shares are still closely held by erstwhile members, there is a strong appetite from nonmember retail investors and institutional investors to own shares in the exchange.


Nigeria's Double Bind

Nigeria's Double Bind

Nigeria faces leadership, institutional and security challenges to building a sustainable economy. But first, it must break out of its second recession in four years.

Ghana: Bracing For Contraction

Ghana: Bracing For Contraction

With an election looming, Ghana’s economy grapples with a pandemic, falling oil revenues, a nagging fiscal deficit and the imperative to diversify.


Ghana: Sustaining Growth Momentum

Ghana: Sustaining Growth Momentum

Ghana has been one of Africa’s star performers, boosted by expanding oil production. But currency volatility, foreign-investor jitters and an upcoming election pose challenges.



African Banking’s Transitional Moment

Patrick Akinwuntan, group executive director of Ecobank Transnational, explains the bank’s plans to use mobile technology to vastly expand its customer base in the 33  African countries in which it operates

The Future Of African Banking

African financial institutions are tapping into technology to expand and consolidate as the banking sector matures.

Angola: No Quick Fixes

With its currency battered and government revenue down to historic lows, Angola, Africa’s largest oil producer, must now address the fundamental causes of its macroeconomic imbalances. 


Nigeria Finally Embraces Economic Diversification

No longer just a buzzword bandied about by politicians, diversification is now seen as a key to the future of Africa’s biggest economy, as sinking oil prices have eroded government revenue.



Country Report | Angola
Up until 2013, Angola's GDP, buoyed by booming oil revenues, grew by an average rate of 10.7%, reaching an all-time high of 23.2% in 2007. Now, as economic growth slows and the country’s financial coffers move from surplus to deficit, Angola is rethinking its dependence on “black gold.”


Country Report | Mozambique
Mozambique is the current star in Africa’s rising inward-investment constellation. For much of the last quarter of the 20th century, Mozambique was a war zone. Today the only war on its horizon is a bidder’s war, as investors salivate over the opportunities this Southern African country offers.


Deepening Africa's Financial Markets

Africa | Emerging Markets Regional Review
African economies are well on their way to transforming the region’s status from a frontier to an emerging market. The IMF predicts Africa will grow by 5.8% in 2015, up from 5.1% this year, with Chad, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Mozambique projected to growth over 8%.


Africa’s dream of greater economic unity is gradually becoming a reality, with plans to establish a free-trade area spanning eastern and southern African countries well under way. Yet it could take time for the associated economic and trading benefits to play out.