Author: Taneesha Kulshrestha

Foreign exchange volatility, visibility of global cash reserves, risk and access to it, cash repatriation along with working in restricted markets were some of the key challenges highlighted by global corporate treasury executives in business consulting firm Deloitte's just released Global Corporate Treasury Survey 2017. Over 75% of the 200 respondents located across the United States, Asia and Australia among other geographies, identified three or more concerns for their company.

Managing currency volatility was a chief concern for over 50% of treasury managers owing to political uncertainty. Report co-author and Deloitte treasury and capital markets partner, Australia, Steven Cunico commented in the media that erstwhile stable and predictable currencies like US dollar, euro, pound sterling, yen and the Swiss franc are beginning to see a lot of movement. Giving sterling’s example, he said that the British currency saw much volatility after Brexit.

Take a look at the graphic below to see what keeps treasury management professionals up at night.

Strategic challenges for treasury organizations

Source: Deloitte Global Treasury Survey 2017