Author: Denise Bedell

Geographical Distribution Of Global Foreign Exchange Market Turnover (US$ billion)

2010 Market Turnover By Country (%)

Geographical Distribution Of Global Foreign Exchange Market Turnover
Data is from the Bank for International Settlements Triennial Central Bank Survey of Foreign Exchange and Derivatives Market Activity, September, 2010.


Geographical distribution of foreign exchange trading shows the breakdown of average daily turnover by the country of origin of counterparty banks.

This distribution is significant in that it shows more closely where centers of foreign exchange trading occur, irrespective of currency being traded.

For example, although the US dollar is the most-traded currency by average daily turnover , the United Kingdom ranks highest by far on average daily turnover by geographic distribution—accounting for 36.7% of daily turnover—while the US comes in second with just 17.9% of average daily turnover. Japan comes in next with 6.2% of average daily turnover, followed by Singapore, at 5.3%.

The largest trading increases by volume were seen in the UK—with a $371 billion increase over 2007, the US—with a $159 billion increase, Japan—with $62 billion, and Hong Kong SAR—with $57 billion. Denmark, France, Singapore, Finland, Turkey and Spain also all saw strong growth versus their turnover volumes in 2007.