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P&C Insurance: A Buyer’s Market

RISK MANAGEMENT   By Paula Green   Premiums for most insurable company risks have come down in price, but organizations will need to ensure that they have sufficient coverage and limits to deal with an increasing range of issues—including changes ...

Roundtable: Taiwan

ROOM TO GROW Moderated by Andrea Fiano At a roundtable in Taipei, Global Finance brought together key figures in Taiwan’s banking and finance industry to discuss the emergence of the country as an offshore renminbi center and other regional economic ...

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Qatar: Spotlight On Labor Reform

MIDDLE EAST 2014 SUPPLEMENT   By Gordon Platt   Occurring on the global stage, the World Cup 2022 is helping to highlight labor market reform in Qatar.   At least 400 Nepalese construction workers have died in Qatar in the ...

Middle East Capital Markets: GCC Triumph

MIDDLE EAST 2014 SUPPLEMENT By Tiziana Barghini Stock markets in GCC countries, in particular Dubai and Abu Dhabi, have capitalized on the political and economic uncertainty that continues to pervade other Middle Eastern markets more than three years on from ...

Middle East Oil & Gas: Iranian Win?

MIDDLE EAST 2014 SUPPLEMENT By Ronald Fink Some analysts think the Ukrainian crisis could help improve prospects for Middle Eastern oil producers—pushing up prices and driving development of recent finds as a result. The crisis in Ukraine sent global energy ...

Middle East: The Price Of Progress

MIDDLE EAST 2014 SUPPLEMENT   Visitors to the Middle East cannot help but be awed by the majestic skylines of the metropolises that have sprung from the desert sands along the Arabian Gulf.     While oil wealth has paid ...


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Polls & Stats: Corps Adapt Global Investing Strategies

“While overall levels of investment have remained stable, there have been dramatic changes in how investment is distributed between regions and countries around the world, as companies seek to adapt their corporate footprints to new opportunities and operational risks emerging ...