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Features : After the Storm

BANKING CRISIS FALLOUT Colossal losses by financial institutions have prompted calls for more-effective regulation. Refining the Basel banking rules might provide the answer.     Global crisis: For the biggest names in banking there has been nowhere to hide from ...

Features : Eastern Promise

CHINA AND INDIA As the global economy continues to struggle, many are hoping China and India will save the world from a synchronized dive into recession.     Growth industry: India's call center business is flourishing. As the United States ...

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Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets : Downturn Bites Harder

China     Treasury secretary Paulson and Chinese president Hu vow to fight protectionism. China has increased export tax rebates and depreciated the value of the yuan relative to the US dollar in recent weeks, prompting fears that protectionist pressures ...

Country Report

Features : Country Report : Taiwan

  Policymakers in Taiwan are pulling out all the stops in their response to the global economic slump.     Taiwan's president Ma Ying-jeou: Promoting better relations with China.   Taiwan is an economic success story. The island, despite political ...


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Newsmakers : Correa Steps Up Debt Campaign

Ecuador     Correa: Buying political capital with debt restructuring. Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa has made good on his 2006 presidential campaign promise to default on any foreign debt deemed illegitimate, defaulting on $3.9 billion in global bonds. This marks ...

Newsmakers : Credit Crunch May Be A Myth

United States     Marenzi: Interbank lending assertions are puzzling. A chorus of dissenting voices has emerged that is challenging the widely held belief that interbank lending markets have dried up, commercial lending is being curtailed, and non-financial commercial paper ...


Features : Roundtable: Treasury & Cash Management

SPONSORED ROUNDTABLE   With credit conditions tightening around the world, businesses are focusing more than ever on effective liquidity management. Global Finance brought together some of the leaders in the treasury and cash management field to discuss current trends and ...