Author: Gordon Platt

By Gordon Platt


Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank has managed to stay on top of the FX world year after year. It has the biggest, most diversified and most profitable foreign exchange operation of any bank. “Deutsche Bank continues to invest in talent and technology to maintain its dominant position as the world’s largest FX bank by market share,” says Zar Amrolia, global head of FX. “Innovation and being client-centric are the heart of our business proposition.”




Deutsche Bank achieved several world firsts in 2011. It was first in the offshore Chinese renminbi market for both electronic trading and currency options and swap orders. It was first to clear nondeliverable forwards in Asia and first to offer a full-service overlay hedging product, dbOverlay, which allows asset managers and corporates to significantly reduce the time and cost of hedging FX risk.


“Our onshore presence in emerging markets around the world has allowed us to offer unique new solutions in cross-border financing,” Amrolia says. Clients are demanding that their counterpart banks deliver good liquidity and deliver it efficiently, he says. “Cutting-edge technology is the centerpiece of this delivery mechanism,” Amrolia says. “At Deutsche Bank we have worked closely with our clients over the past year to understand how to enhance further our proprietary electronic dealing platform, autobahnFX, and we are excited about the prospect of rolling out the new platform through 2012,” he adds.