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Blockchain: What’s All The Fuss About?

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin was the first working example of a blockchain, or distributed ledger, but important as it has become, it barely begins to explain why banks, regulators (including central banks) and tech firms are all over this technology.


Honing An Edge in Transaction Banking

Much has been said about the brave new world of transaction banking—robots and blockchains replacing humans and inefficient paper. Incorporating artificial intelligence and Big Data enable smarter, more strategic, enterprise-wide efforts.

Award Winners

Q&A w/Air Liquide: Deal-Contingent Forwards

Jacques Molgo, group financing & treasury director, and Laurent Chesnay, head of group front office, Air Liquide, a French multinational, explain the appeal of deal-contingent forwards (DCF)—a type of foreign exchange contract.

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Romania: New Govt Seeks To Spark Growth

Romania’s voters gave an overwhelming endorsement to the Social Democratic Party (PSD) in the December 11 parliamentary elections. Now the challenge is to spur growth while keeping a lid on corruption. 

Uncertain Outlook After Castro’s Death

Several stresses and changes will suggest an uncertain economic outlook for Cuba this year, says Paolo Spadoni, author of “Failed Sanctions: Why the U.S. Embargo against Cuba Could Never Work.”


Tillerson’s Test: To Manage Relations With Kremlin

ExonMobil’s CEO Rex Tillerson went overnight from dark-horse candidate to president-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of State. If confirmed, Tillerson might prove to have the toughest position in the new cabinet as he wrestles with strife around the world and a new relationship with Russia.

Corporate Finance & Capital

UAE Bank Going Digital-Only

In early 2017 the Commercial Bank of Dubai will launch CBD NOW, the UAE’s first digital-only bank. The new bank is based entirely online and will offer all the services a regular bank does. 

China Tightens Currency Controls As Renminbi Slides

Stricter capital controls by Chinese authorities are prompting concerns that the liberalization of the Chinese capital market is being halted at a time when the US dollar’s strength and a steady outflow of funds from the country are causing the renminbi to slide.

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