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The Rise Of The Machines

Robots, ubiquitous in factories, are moving up to take on both menial paperwork and complex data analysis. Should we worry?

Robo-Advisers Are Here

Picture investment recommendations tailored or customized to individual needs or personality traits, provided cheaply via a highly intuitive digital interface.


Award Winners

World's Best Securities Services Providers 2016

World's Best Securities Services Providers 2016

For 2016, Global Finance expanded the scope of the survey to include sectors such as: Prime Brokers, Securities Lenders, Collateral Managers, Trust Services Providers and Depositary Receipt Banks.

Q+A: New Depositary Receipt Markets

Anthony Moro, head of EMEA depositary receipts at BNY Mellon in New York, sees countries around the world developing their own DRs.

Global Salon

US Still A Strong Draw For FDI

Aaron Brickman, senior vice president for strategy and development at the Organization for International Investment (OFII), a nonprofit trade association, also founded SelectUSA, a federal program to promote foreign direct investment in the US. He visited Global Finance to discuss the state of FDI worldwide.

Country Report


Political Mayhem Adds To Olympic Woes

Brazil | Despite the optimistic expectations in 2009, when Rio de Janeiro was chosen to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, the competition in August is not likely to show Brazil in the best light.


Corporate Finance & Capital

FX Scandal Drives New Trading Methods

Following the FX benchmark rate-fixing scandal, which saw six banks fined almost $6 billion, currency traders at corporate and financial institutions worldwide are revising how they execute transactions.

SIBOS Supersection

Debating Transformation

SWIFT's Sibos conference this year shows its continued growth and importance, 38 years after its creation.

Potential Rivals Team Up

Banks and fintech firms are finding synergy in partnerships that join the former’s market know-how with the latter’s technological wizardry.

GCC Regional Report

Will the dollar peg come unglued?

GCC nations are constantly recalculating the cost/benefit ratio of maintaining the dollar peg. Lately, external pressures give the question new urgency. 

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GCC Regional Report 2016 | Table Of Contents

GCC Regional Report 2016 | Table Of Contents

From shoring up sovereign funds to drawing FDI to enhancing its soft infrastructure, Gulf Cooperation Council countries take up a range of tactics to diversify and strengthen their economies.